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Squarriors Summer #1 Ghost cover

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hi, Ashley.... please.... made the vampire lestat & queen of damned !

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It looks great but my problem is I don't know where to focus my attention. I feel as though there's too much to see but no real attention grabber. I don't really see what the thing on the pole is so I quickly dismissed it.
Other than that I like the fireflies
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'Ghost' Is a feral white Squirrel that is basically a Stealth rogue for a another squirrel tribe (The creature on the speakers post). This is sorta a spin take of a world apoc where humans died out by killing themselves from wars, and the explosion caused animals to gain 'thought/minds' So their as smart as humans basically.

Think of it sorta like a take on 'The walking dead' but with feral creatures, and without zombies. So you got conflict of different groups of people attacking you for random reasons. 
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I get the idea now, thanks for the explanation.
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The Goonies. Back To the Future. Both good movies.
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