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Age Meme: Claudia (Interview with the Vampire)

Oh I went there. A little something for Anne Rice fans. ...poor Claudia...

meme by :iconthrash-waltz:…
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Age Meme...  
Même age (same age in french)...
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imagine you with 20 years old forever
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imagine if she was bited at 20 years old
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I laughed so hard sksjsk
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Oh little Claudia...

But you created the depiction of inner-age PERFECTLY.
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This is how I imagined her as she aged. I cried when I read the part where Louis found the two of them, ashes. Bravo on the graphic novel, I will shortly read the wolf gift; I know it will be just as amazing.
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And that's why it's looked down upon (or outright forbidden) to turn children into vampires. Not only can they not take care of themselves, but they'd have to suffer the emotional turmoil of being an adult trapped in a child's body forever.
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"wait a minute..." lulz
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Wow this is awesome , instant fave )
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I love how you showed how she aged as a character even though she never aged physically.
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Wait a minute... or a decade
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Poor little Claudia. :D But it's funny to imagine a vampire doing an Age Meme... expecially her!
It's so good to see something yours from the Vampire Chronicles! ^^
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Are you also drawing the graphic novel for Anne Rice's "The wolf"?  
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At some point they'll reveal the cover.…
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Ohhh!!! Heheh! Some one did it at last! xDD The age meme with Claudia! xDD You did it exactly just how I imagined it :la:
i love the realization in the last one "Wait a minute...." xDDDD Very funny!!
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Brilliant! Ah, nostalgia, there you are! :heart:
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:lol: The description of when they finally noticed was one of my favorite parts of the book.
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I feel bad for laughing as much as I did.
Great artwork!
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I *almost* felt bad for drawing it. :)
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With art as cute as yours, you can get away with it ;-3
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hahahaha !!! It's same!!!

poor Claudia!!! :(
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