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MGS: Lost Words- pg.1

By WithSkechers
Title: Lost Words
Setting: Big Boss' Office, FOX HQ, sometime between 1964-1969.
Rating: PG+ (for tobacco usage and alcohol, I guess.)

Start from the upper left corner, end with the lower right.


Here it is. The first page of my short MGS doujinshi. As you can see nothing much happens yet, because I'm still setting the mood of the comic.

Sorry if it's not good like my usual, I was attempting to speed paint. ^^;

Yes, even if Big Boss would be outside training troops or whatever, I think even military officers would have some sort of office. >3>;

Now who could that be...

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Big Boss and the Metal Gear Solid series (c) Konami
Story and Art (c) ~TheSketcher~WithSkechers
Fonts from [link]
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© 2010 - 2021 WithSkechers
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FlameWolf82's avatar
LOVE :heart: i can't wait for more!! =D
WithSkechers's avatar
Oh I'm updating much sooner than you think. ;D
WithSkechers's avatar
Stay tuned.

Oh and thanks for the comment. :D
FlameWolf82's avatar
you're welcome! :)
Anko-sensei's avatar
I'll be watching you then :iconimrlynotimpressedplz: :heart:
XDDDDDDDD btw, love your MGS chibis xDDD
WithSkechers's avatar
Yes, you shall. :iconiseewhatyoudidthere:

And thank you! The next page will be up soon, I hope. :D
Anko-sensei's avatar
haha xDDD ok <33
ladyshadow-meigua's avatar
are you sure its speed paint jean? it still looks awesome
WithSkechers's avatar
Okay so I still took my time on it. >_< I had to experiment until I got the coloring style that I wanted.

I'm naturally slow, but this time I didn't bother being too particular with my details/coloring. XD

Thanks for dropping by, Mika~ :hug:
ladyshadow-meigua's avatar
Hehe.. I know, you always do take your time in coloring. That way, it makes the art even awesomer~

No problem jean :affection:
StarburstCANDY's avatar
WithSkechers's avatar

You might not get it though, unless you've played the games. ^^;
StarburstCANDY's avatar
My brother said that game is numba 1
and that I sould play,
so I'm thinking of getting it xD
but I think i should get the first game tho LOL x3
WithSkechers's avatar
PLAY MGS1 first. O: The one for PS1, preferably. If not, maybe the Gamecube remake will do I guess. It has pretty graphics. =3= But the first game has better music. >w<
bluemonika's avatar
i think it's either eva or....paramedic? :D can't wait to see the rest :D
WithSkechers's avatar
Ah, of course you'll know as soon as the next page is up. :D It will be, pretty soon... I hope.

Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it. :hug:
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