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Undyne Price

Chloe and Undyne are sooo alike imo, and if you don't know who she is, then… is a good mostly-spoiler-free start! <3
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This is a really cool style for Undyne! I love the texture you gave her hair.

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hella yeah 
Undyne and Chloe than are similar,
they are both freedom loving, against the whole world and of course both punks[Life Is Strange]Chloe Dancing :3  
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Most appropriate crossover ever tbh
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That's genius. I felt that Undyne is the most rebel, punk type
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Oh holy shit! Undyne Price! A very good crossover! I just adore LiS and Undertale
Undyne and Chloe, they do fit together very well
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oh my lord this is so perfect XDD they are so similar oml
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Hipster fish .. .
WithRaspberries's avatar
tbh you're not wrong
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This is an odd comparison to me. Not because I don't see the similarities, but because of how I feel about the characters. I'm in love with one (Chloe), and can't stand the other (Undyne).

Although I'll admit, I'd probably like Undyne a lot more if she didn't make such a terrible first impression.
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That is an interesting perspective, and tbh, I used to be the exact opposite, liking Undyne and disliking Chloe. She just seemed to always find ways to get angry at Max out of thin air, or so that's how I saw it. Granted she had her reasons to be like that, it was rather annoying sometimes. Since then though, she's really grown on me, and I've come to really like her <3 It's always nice to see how other people view characters, even if it's not exactly your viewpoint! ^-^
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This is hella awesome!  I was wondering when someone would combine Life is Strange and Undertale.  Great work!  :)
WithRaspberries's avatar
Hella thanks! Yeah, I'd figure there'd be a bit more than what there is tbh xD
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I AGREE 100%!
And I just love the way you draw Undyne!!
WithRaspberries's avatar
xD Thanks a bunch PC-Dood~!! *u*
NecoroDee1000's avatar
Wow! never though I'd see the similarity between the two XD
but this looks amazing man! X3
WithRaspberries's avatar
xD Thanks a bunch!! <333 *v*
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wooah she looks cool man!! >3
WithRaspberries's avatar
lmao thanks a bunch!! *u*
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....BUT I DON'T WANT UNDYNE TO DIE (whoops spoilers ish not really happens in first scene..............andthensome)
WithRaspberries's avatar
Lmfao it's fine! xD And she doesn't die if you choose her over the rest of the Arcadia Bay, or rather for Undyne's case, the Underground.. ahaha.. this breaks my heart ;-;
AdmiraIVi's avatar
Yeah.......I don't want that either xD

I always thought it was pretty stupid to sacrifice the entirety of .... well... everything you know about... for just one person.

That's straight up murder :P

the other option was just letting what had to happen happen :/

So, either way, you'd seriously screw over EVERYTHING undyne worked for if you decide to save her :P I mean come on, there wouldn't even be a royal guard anymore.....
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