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The Knight of Rey

Some role reversal AU for a friend.
Close up here.
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I would love it if someone did a story where after the battle of Crait in Last Jedi, the Resistance split up, With the main forces leaving for the unknown regions, Rey going after Kylo Ren on her own, and Finn trying to rally forces for the Resistance. Now in this story, Rey is captured by Kylo who uses the dark side to get her to marry him and then gets her to hunt down Finn after they learn that Finn is on Ach To. The former lovers then clash on Ach To were Finn manages to turn Rey back to the light and the two make for the Unknown Regions. When they arrive they discover the Resistance has created a massive (And when I mean massive I mean like Thousands to maybe a million ships) armada to defeat the First Order. I'm not going to go into more details because I just might write this myself!

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You were right
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What could have been....
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Loving the idea of The Knight of Rey! Keep up the amazing artwork as always, Withoutafuss! 

I wanted to let you that we've featured this piece on our blog…
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I LOVE this. So much.
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Kayaaaa  love it
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Amazing!!! Clap Clap Clap Clap 
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Damn! That's freakin' amazing!!!!
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I'm so weak for Sith!Rey. And Rey with a double ended lightsaber. I love this.
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Awesome! A double-bladed lightsaber! We need to see a lot more of those!
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only one other character in rogue one has it....and.....IT SPINS
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That staff doesn't count.
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Very good work..:) (Smile) 
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idk what it is about dark!rey that I love so much
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I have this hanging on my wall. It's so beautiful
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Hah, hope it brings you joy! Thank you! Heart 
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