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Stranger Kids

I am totally... not obsessed... with this show... _(:l 」∠ )_
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If stranger things was a movie then should definitely be one of the posters

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I love this. Amazing job!
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Omg!! Eleven looks amazing!!
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Dustin looking good! 😘
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I love this! It's very good, please make more! I love the detail you put in!
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I really like it1
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omg!!!! esto es hermosooo!! >w< Flowers and hearts - Pixel divider F2U - right Heart Love Llama Emoji-48 (I'm Cool with Mah Sunglasses) [V2] Pride Shooting Star :worldglomp: Miku Love [V1] 
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Looks like Star Wars. Nice image.
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hey i am doing a stranger things fan art video and would like to use your artwork you will receive all credit and i will have a link in the description. I will send you the link when completed. 
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this is truly amazing and is such inspiration to me, as a younger artist I'm forever looking for inspiration and I'm involve with this piece. when i have money I'm gonna buy.
love egggosneggos
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Looks amazing.
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OOOOhhhh. I see what you did there. Sneaky little flowers.
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psh totally did not just binge all of this today ha hahah ahahahahah

and this is so gorgeous ah! I love how some things on this are so detailed, like the color and lighting on all of their skin, but then the outline of the background or the little beams of light from the bike's headlight are a nice simple contrast
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Their faces are on par oml ❤
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