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A late night scribble of the Rey of sunshine.
Wanted to do this in a sort of tarot card style, but it didn't happen lmao.
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Hot Rey Skygirk Chan 4ever!!!

I write for a high school newspaper and we're doing an article about the new star wars movie, to see if fans like it. I'm having trouble finding non-copyright star wars pictures, so I was wondering if we could feature yours?

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Yep, feel free! 
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Awe, she's like a saint!
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Who shot first: Han Solo or Greedo?
What aspects of the Star Wars Universe really get your midi-chlorians flowing, whether passionately or angrily?
What Star Wars fan art goes above and beyond capturing a scene or character perfectly?
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Beautiful composition and lighting. It has a slight art Nouveau feel to it. Great work!
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Hello! I'm currently writing a meta on Tumblr and would like permission to please use this image. If so, I will give you proper credit and a link back to this. Is that alright?
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jeez this is beautiful!

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This artwork is so gorgeous, it makes my heart feel like it could explode. UGGGHHHH... 

Kylo Ren (Matt) Approves Icon  Thumbs up, girl. Star Wars BB-8 Thumbs Up Emoticon 
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I'm crying! This is so utterly beautiful!
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This is lovely! Honestly I like it better than the stills from the movie:) Rey is my new favorite character from the Star Wars franchise, I just relate to her so much and she is an awesome role model:) Thanks a bunch for this awesome piece.
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I love your style. All your art, may it be fan art of Dragon Age or of Star Wars or other paintings by you - your style is so beautiful and recognisable. And I love the somewhat pastell-y feel in almost every single piece drawn by you. Thank you so much for sharing your art with us.
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I've seen many fanart of Rey but all of them kinda looked the same. And then I saw this. And while adding this to my favourites I thought to myself....'Wait a minute, I KNOW that style!"..... And then of course I saw your other arts, including my beloved fanart of Kaidan. Ah, your presence here on dA is such a blessing :heart:
Maybe Kylo next time...? :D
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Aww, thank you! Hug You really do know how to give a good compliment, hah. :')
I always feel somewhat 'insecure' about my art style (or lack of it), so it makes me really happy that you managed to find some similarities (I hope this makes sense, haha).
As to Kyle - I posted some dumb quick sketches of him on my tumblr (, but I really want to make something more "valuable" for him. Perhaps something tarot related. Anyhow, Adam Driver's face is a pleasure to draw (I'm a sucker for moles), so I definitely will paint him more in the future... I just need to find motivation somewhere (cause all that negative discourse™ killed the last bits of it lmao). :^)
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Fuck the discourse, as some in my country say (however mostly it's being said in the context which I would prefer to forget and which I'm ashamed of. . . .  .) :XD: I mean, I hope that it won't stand in your way of drawing and if it will.... Well, then it will have to face Kylo's_mode.... :XD: But being completely serious, I think that drawing him in tarot convention is an excellent idea, especially for it would go in pair with his ambivalence and himself being torn apart.... Apart from that, I think that it would look amazing in your style! (don't worry, I bet that every artist sometimes has that kind of crisis... but as a stander-by I can honestly and firmy say: you do have your art style! And I'm very fond of it :heart: )
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Charming, and beautiful (...)
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