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Before The Storm

Not gonna lie I missed this game.

Time lapse video.
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Absolutely stunning. One of the best LiS artwork I've seen

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my favorite LiS draw

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Wow ♥️
Very amazing artwork.

I like the lights an colors!
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This is my absolute favourite LiS/Before the Storm fan art. Stunning work!
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Love the "autumnal" atmosphere of this❤
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and the small details like Rachel's burning shirt❤😅
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do you have a store or somewhere i can get this print?
This pic is on Redbubble at least. Through the same name as the YouTubechannel
My first ever comment, this is amazing. 

I dont know how to use Deviantart but I want you to know that this makes me happy and that Im basically crying.

Gah this game 

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Amazing !! :o (Eek) 
Are you selling prints of this by chance? I'd love to get this up on my wall!
Some are on RedBubble, found her over Redbubble...
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This is beautiful
Life is Strange is such an amazing game series.
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Fantastic work! Love the colours!
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Aaaa this is so gorgeous!! Lovee the colour scheme you used :heart:
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I put this as my phone background and I can't stop looking at it, it warms me up everytime.
It's like everything about their relationship is enclosed in this.
The painting covers the feeling of the games really well.
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Wowser, this is a BREATH TAKING ! :D
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It's so stunning, I really love this art
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Love it!!! :heart:
I think you did an awesome job of portraying both their characters! The style fits very well, I think, with the characters being so defined and realistic, and the background rather cartoonish... Also love the flowiness of the picture, especially with Rachel's hair and the fire.. The longer I look at this picture, the more I notice all those little details you put in, like the Firewalk button and the singed shirt and the butterflies and the deer and the sun and moon in the sky... Such amazing work!
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:O such masterpiece
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