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Baldur's Gate: Legacy of the Undead

Dungeons, Areas, Levels:
Crypt, Level Outside,1,2,3, Lich
Troll Fortress Outside, 1,2,3 then tall skinny towers (Blood god)
Cathedral Ruins, Outside,1,2,3,4,5,6 is (smaller boss room demon)
Radiant Heart stores, Outside, 1,2, dungeon basement
Graveyard, Outside, 8 Mausoleums (2 with at least 2 levels, one minor one, one large main with 3 levels vampire in the bottom right hill)
Watercave, Outside, 1,2 (green dragon)
Arylon, 3 city maps in a line
Witch's Haunt is an old house
Marilth Ruins have basements, one with a pirate cave (outside, cellar, pirate cave from B.G.?)
Ettin has a big one level cave and gnome town has heavy Crossbow +2 and upgrades to +3
Beware of the undead has pale grey skinned undead ogres, ogrillons (one shouts that he is mad because he was woken up from 'sleeping'), hobgoblins, unearthed bog humans, half elves, elves, halflings, dwarves, half orcs, gnomes and gnolls and a cave with a big monster skull for an entrance (1 big open cave level 75% of normal map)
Hopefully Seatower of Balduran.

(Expansion Module Part)
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