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Baldur's Gate Arms and Armour Emporium(Level01)-++


I am opening up an 'Arms and Armour Emporium' in the trade district of Baldur's Gate and I want to have better quality areas than a stock store. This started as extra content from the the Sea Tower of Balduran project although the artistic team is busy with life at the moment thus I am asking for help. I am just looking for two small areas for a small shop with two stories in the trade district of Baldur's Gate.

Here is the 'speech' that I gave over in the Sea Tower of Balduran forum section that spurred myself to act upon this store for high quality arms and armour:
"The Arms and Armour Emporium of Baldur's Gate! This has always bugged myself for any two bit small time arms and armour merchant sequestered under a rock is usually on par with what can be found upon the store fronts of Baldur's Gate! I have seen the work done with the merchants in the Seatower of Balduran and the intention behind them in between the lines. Perhaps it sparked a latent urge to right that niggling issue that has always been there with my thoughts on the Original Baldur's Gate. The city of Baldur's Gate is one of the largest settlements of the Heartlands and is situated dead smack in the middle of the Sword Coast; an area infamous as the 'wild west' of Faerûn. This is a savage frontier and to the north there are the Fields of the Dead and the Troll Claws, there are bandits everywhere just crawling out of the woodwork (quite literally). Now more than ever with the Iron Crisis afoot the affluent people of Sword Coast will turn to the rich trading port of Baldur's Gate for a more convincing edge and a more stern suit of armour as imported goods and magic does not fall victim to the Iron Crisis. There is a dire need in the heavy and infectious air of terror emanating from a city on the edge for the people to bulwark themselves to the coming trials and tribulations of the day. Dark whispers shroud the shuttered atmosphere of the city. There is grip of fear upon the minds of citizens to go out late at night for people are going missing. Bandits and thieves are everywhere inside and out. The iron is no good in their arms; shattering asunder like metallic glass. The future of Baldur's Gate, neigh the entire Sword Coast hangs by a single thread. There is an uneasy sense of dread in the air among the people of Baldur's Gate about a potential coming war with Amn; the gloom hangs thick in the air of Baldur's Gate like the pestilence that clings to a corpse. More than ever right now is the the time to sell arms and armour by the cart load! People will pay the premium to safeguard their lives, families and homes from the brigands and marauding hordes of monsters that plague the Coast Way. Ship it in from Waterdeep, ship it in from Athkatla, ship it in from the Moonshae Isles, hell even ship it in from Calimport if they are willing to pay the price!"

The Arms and Armour Emporium location in the trade district of Baldur's Gate.

With this as the basis for first storey. Front door moved to the center of the bottom left wall. Stairs added that start in the center facing north east and turn up north west and around the front desk. Also the purple rug looking less like a door mat (have it back from the wall perhaps?). Forge area with assets from the Thunder Hammer Smithy in the back room.

This is the basis for the second storey of the Arms and Armour Emporium. Please make sure that the chimney from the forge on the first storey is represented on the back north east wall. Also without the south west door on the wall.

Here is the Thunder Hammer Smithy, the assets can be used to decorate and ornament the entire Arms and Armour Emporium; please 'go to town' on the place and go crazy. The second storey is for high quality arms and armour; a specialty stock section for high rollers and or adventurers like yourself. This whole store is to be the number one shop on this side of the Sword Coast for Arms and Armour.

Here is the Chimney for the forge for AR0300 (the roof can only be seen in AR0300 even though most of the building is in the Trade District).

Please have the smoky forge chimney for AR0300 be on the back north east section of the roof.

I have finished the three arms and armour merchants for the Baldur's Gate Arms and Armour Emporium!


The first merchant (dark red, mark up value: 300% profiteering prices) is upstairs and sells the most exquisite of items from the exotic to the heavily enchanted (most common arms and armour have a generic +2 variant for purchase). Some items need to be improved / added to the Original Baldur's Gate 2.0+ from Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition and Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear in order to have the full display of arms and armour.


The second merchant (steel grey, mark up value: 200% exploitative prices) sells every common weapon type and has infinite stocks of arrows, bolts, darts and kestros darts.


The third merchant (deep purple, mark up value: 200% exploitative prices) sells every common type of armour minus field plate armour, full plate mail armour and along with Elven chain mail armour, those exquisite types of armour are quite exorbitant in value and are is sold by the first merchant upstairs)


If we can be so as blessed by some community talent in creating a fine and fitting arms and armour emporium area it would be wonderous!


In all seriousness, how on earth does a colourful merchant living on the road in a tent miles away from resupply, a proper forge and crafts workshops, master crafts people, worldly merchants, a port, or any type of trading hub (S.o.D.) sell better quality arms and armour than the entire merchant's league of Baldur's Gate? The Baldur's Gate Arms and Armour Emporium is a solution to a logical shortcoming in the economical scope of reality that was not addressed within the writing behind the Original Baldur's Gate. Look people have +2 and better items all over the place in and out of the city so why can't you buy these kinds of high quality items yourself in a trade reliant city; on the brink of war!?XP. What do you do eh? *Creates the Baldur's Gate Arms and Armour Emporium*

I just completed the head blacksmith's unique voice files and creature file; he is a male Dwarven fighter who likes really big swords named Michael.


His dialog is meant to offer the ability to upgrade certain weapons and armour if the player has them in their inventory (akin to Cromwell and Taerom). For instance Long Sword +2 'Varscona' can be upgraded for a draconian price and some necessary components into Long Sword +3 'Varscona' with +2 Cold Damage and 10% chance to slow target for three rounds on hit.


I would greatly appreciate any help given towards creating the 'item forge' / 'item upgrade' dialog file.

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