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i draw plant monsters
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6 min read
why doesn't eclipse let me edit these things properly?

I am terribly sorry that I had to close the rest of my commission queue — ty for your understanding

My art powers are s l o w
Was hoping I could have more done at this point but it looks like I'll be spending the rest of the month on my current commission queue. I'm not 100% sure I'll get a new adoptable batch in or not, we will see!
Thanks for your patience salmon heart bullet 

here's where my queue progress is at:     
Green tick 3   
Green tick 3  
3. blueberrybeansGreen tick 3
4. vlpnGreen tick 3
5.Caliki Green tick 3
6. Sedoris  Green tick 3
7. porkuspine    in progress
8. DearCervid    in progress
9. crowlets     in progress
10. Teknogeddon    in progress  
11. Starphishy   
12. jaywalkings   
13. Zaffara    

14. Xaishi   
15. snoodls  
16. aHorseForEverySeason
17. fiachmara 

I am back from my admin hiatus and I am available to receive game/community-related messages again :>  ty~

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T W W M  |  commissions news
Thanks everyone! I have a few more slots left if you are interested, I'll be closing up at the end of the month.
I'll have finished commissions and adopts starting tomorrow! 


Let me know if you have any suggestions for the next adoptables batch for September! I am going to continue with discount adoptables starting at $35. 


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T W W M  |  Arid Biome adoptables + commissions
I'm using the Arid biome as inspiration for this round of adoptable and commission offers~ Custom and premade adoptables will all be Arid esk, and scenes will take place in the Arid Biome. Paypal only, payment plans accepted, just drop me a note if you have any questions. These are all priced on a sliding scale, PWYW. 
The premade sale will be first then I will announce slots for everything else starting on August 5th after the premade sale is completed. I am out of town from August 6th-14th and will be starting the custom art/designs as soon as I get back. Slots will be claimed on a first-come-first-serve basis. I wil do a different biome next time!


P R E M A D E  |  $35-$60
Cactus Collection sale opens on August 4 (flat sale raffle with 24hr entry window).
closed! View results here: Cactus Collection: Flat Sale Raffle closed

S E M I C U S T O M  |  $200-$300
You will provide a complete esk ID similar to what you would receive through the Nursery or Greenhouse which I will use to create a new original esk for you. Please include origin, nature, boundary, size, nature feature(s), and traits as well as a color palette (image of 5 colors) and photo references of the nature features. Modifications (enchantments, etc) are permitted but I would prefer that it be limited to just 1-2 extras. You can also include a list of your likes/dislikes for esk designs which I will follow during the design process. Arid Biome only.
I will create an esk based on your ID and offer it to you for purchase. If you like the design then you will be able to buy it and if you are not interested in purchasing the design then I will re-use it later as a premade or free raffle — you are not obligated to pay for the semi-custom if it is not to your liking.
available:     1.callmeFloGreen tick 3   2.BeeSideBeauty Green tick 3   3. DearCervid   4. aHorseForEverySeason  5. 

C U S T O M  |  $500-600
Full customs are designed to your specifications and can be normal or abnormal esk with any traits you like. You will receive sketches and WIP confirmation before completion. Arid Biome only.
available:      1. porkuspine   2. Sedoris         

S C E N E 
 |  $100-150
Atmospheric scenes featuring one esk. Scene will take place in the Arid Biome.
Lake Floor by witherlings  Waterways: Introduction by witherlings
available:       1. fiachmara    2. blueberrybeansGreen tick 3   3.    

New Growth ButtonS P I R I T  R E N E W A L  |  $80-100
Masterlist artwork is now available! I can update existing masterlist artwork for you or I can help you create artwork for a new masterlist entry. If this is a new masterlist entry your esk design must already be approved by an admin and you will need to give me a finalized design to work from, these are not custom-made designs. No biome requirement.
available:       1. crowlets   2. Starphishy   3. jaywalkings   4. Zaffara    5. Teknogeddon   
6. Xaishi    7. snoodls   8.Caliki 
Green tick 3   9. vlpnGreen tick 3

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checking in

5 min read

hi  :>

Sorry I am so scattered! I am having a hard time figuring out where I'm at lately, I feel like I keep trying different things for artwork and am never really sure where to land. I took down my wildlife commissions post and have the list privately now, if I do pick those up again I will reach out by note in the same order they were in — I am not sure what's going on with me but I just struggled to get momentum up to do more pieces from those lists and needed to put them on the shelf, it's a weird time for me creatively and I guess I'm just bouncing around a bit.

So I'm going to dabble more with TWWM stuff in August, I feel really inspired after checking through the masterlist recently, I love seeing what everyone is coming up with and it really motivates me to try out new design ideas. I'd like to continue with monthly adoptable sales and maybe focus more on discount sets ($35-$60); I'm also considering trying out semi-customs and a small number of full-customs again and offering masterlist artwork for existing designs, if these are things people are interested in. Maybe some sketch page things too? Trying to branch out a bit an try to just have fun with it, maybe do some things that are more collaborative than just selling premades.

Also I'm planning on shuffling around some things from my old art uploads so if there is something you really like from my old submissions (gallery->view all to find them, they are not sorted in folders) you can go ahead and save them or put them on pinterest or whatever  ;]  cuz I am going to move some stuff over to my website and have my devart be focused on creature/character design, some things may be taken down from my gallery here so just a heads up.

I think my offline life is finally looking up a bit, things are still up in the air and uncertain but I feel more optimistic about my future — I'm insanely grateful to have support from all of you here, it has really helped me get through everything. 

I will be in touch on August 1st with some offerings and some free stuff as well :>  hope you all are doing well~

salmon heart bullet W

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Would you be interested in a wildlife art commission? with digital/traditional/price/style options $25-$100

295 votes
yes interested
no not interested / not able to
just want to see poll results •v•
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