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Missiontext by witherlings

This page was originally just about the scoring philosophy but it has since been broadened to cover a wider scope in the game. Our goals as a collaborative world-building game are based on creative growth and exploration, we recommend reading this page as part of your introduction to the game in addition to the Newcomers Guide.

Sprout 2 by garden-corvidae A collaborative world

ThoseWhoWentMissing is driven by concept and character development. The esk species is always evolving thanks to the unique interpretations of the species properties and lore that take place in players' MYO designs, artwork, and stories. We want you to look at the species and world guidelines we have provided as a framework upon which to build your ideas; in TWWM we are all telling a story together and your contributions allow the canon to be ever-expanding. 

We are a content-driven game, the points system is designed as a way to show our gratitude and reward players for their contributions to their expansion of the story of the esk species — thank you for helping us grow!

Sprout 2 by garden-corvidae Personal goals

The game's player levels provide a basic path through the game by gaining AP, but creating your own targeted goals will add an extra level of reward to your experience here. We highly encourage our players to set creative or technical goals for their art or writing skills, brainstorm the types of modifications or MYOs they want to bring into the game, or set community goals like gifting to others or granting Wellspring wishes. Everyone is different and we want to help you get the most out of your participation in your own unique way. 

Sprout 2 by garden-corvidae Flexible scoring

TWWM provides a scoring system that is intended to be adapted to one's individual needs and abilities. The scoring tiers are not rigid and should be interpreted in a way that most benefits your gameplay experience and provides an appropriate level of challenge to encourage learning and growth. TWWM is not a race or competitive game; players should hold their work to their own standards and score fairly against themselves to reflect their individual style and spectrum of abilities. If you are a less experienced artist please do not feel pressured to score your work in comparison to professionals, all skill levels are welcome and celebrated here. The visual examples in the scoring guide are not definitive, they should be used as a reference but you are not forced to match their styles or techniques. What works best for one player may not work for another, we trust our players to score fairly and responsibly in a way that provides ongoing challenge and longevity in the game and is respectful to the level of effort all players are putting into their submissions.

There may be times when a TWWM team member will contact you with scoring advisement to help provide clarifications or suggest changes. Any scoring adjustments arranged by staff members will be made in discussion with you to ensure fairness and compromise. We do not force overrides on scoring on our players unless there has been a clear mathematical error or flaw in the scoring system, we will always work with you personally and respectfully when scoring shows a need for revisions. We appreciate the thought and emotion you put into your work and never want anyone to feel that their work has been devalued when adjustments are being made and we thank you for your understanding when these situations arise.

Flexible scoring goes both ways. You can increase your level of difficulty by using lower scoring tiers or dropping bonuses that you may not have put your best effort toward and you can decrease your level of difficulty by scoring in-between scoring tiers or by being more gentle in applying the thresholds between scoring tiers to your work. We expect players to be respectful to the community by not using this flexibility in a way that does not serve your creative growth or decreases the meaningfulness of the points as a reward for everyone's contributions. Please help the staff by labeling submissions with your scoring methods when you make these kinds of adjustments or score in-between tiers, it will help us make sure that there have not been any errors and that the changes are intentional. Thank you!

Examples of flexible scoring:

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! "I want to get better at detail so I will score all my light, simple shading as flat color and save the shading score only for my detailed art."
Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! "My best work is flat colored artwork with lots of detail and patterning, I will be scoring these types of submissions in the shaded tier because they are complex and labor-intensive."
Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! "I will score my doodle page as a single submission instead of batch uploads because I don't feel like each drawing is a complete artwork that could stand on its own to receive individual AP scoring."
Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! "I worked on this watercolor painting forever and still can't get the shading right! I know it looks flat in most areas, but I am going to give myself the shaded score until I have more control over this medium."
Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! "I put some color on this drawing but it still feels more like a sketch to me so I will give it 1AP."
Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U!  "I'm new to doing backgrounds; I know the complexity of my work isn't advanced yet but I am making my best effort to draw a full scene and will score this level of work in-between shaded and full scenic until I can further hone my skills."

Sprout 2 by garden-corvidae Fostering a nurturing community

Here at TWWM we strive to create a community that is welcoming and supportive to all of its members. Our staff strives to maintain transparency and collaboration with all participants; each day we are working together with the community to develop the game and make this game the best it can be. We believe that players should never feel dismissed or overlooked in their feedback or concerns; your enjoyment and comfort in the group is our priority. 
We maintain an open Suggestion Box and discussion area on our group chat where you can share your thoughts with us. You can also send us a group note for more direct communication.

The bonuses for gift art and creating character relationships are intended to reward generosity and community-building. We have been so touched by the supportive and giving atmosphere in this group and we will continue to make our best efforts to maintain a friendly, safe, and supportive game environment for everyone. Thank you for sharing in this goal with us!

Sprout 2 by garden-corvidae Accessibility

It is our goal to maintain accessibility for the esk species by providing many free opportunities to obtain them in the game. As TWWM grows we will continue to add more frequent and unique methods of obtaining and creating new esk. We are a concept-driven game so our focus is on free, self-designed characters over premium content — we want all members to feel that they can participate fully without having to spend any money. We will continue to increase availability of adoptable sales, prizes, and MYOs as the playerbase gets bigger in order to prevent costs from ever creating a wall that blocks new members from joining or enjoying the game.

We will also continue to maintain an open resale market for premades and customs that allows the value of these characters to fluctuate organically without overly strict resale limitations. We place trust in our market participants to sell and trade fairly with respect to the content and histories of these characters. We understand that the value of these adoptables can change over time and so we allow sellers to set their own pricing. It is of utmost importance that we show compassion toward each other, toward the original buyers, and toward the original sellers or creators of the adoptables you are exchanging within the game market. It is our hope that we can continue to have a market that is dynamic and flexible.
Demand for esk adoptables is significant at this time; we strongly encourage directing sales, trades, and giveaways toward first-time-owners that are trying to enter the game.

Additionally, we want to make sure that the game's layouts and information pages can be accessed by anyone with personal or technological limitations; please let us know if you are experiencing any difficulties in using the game and we will address them promptly.

Thank you!

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It might just be my short attention span, but what are the levels and where can I find extra info on them?

Edit: oop I got it now srry lol

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In the examples of flexible scoring:
"I'm new to doing backgrounds; I know the complexity of my work isn't advanced yet but I am making my best effort to draw a full scene and will score this level of work in-between shaded and full scenic until I can further hone my skills."
Simple background?
Sorry I just... saw that

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Hello xbgr99,

If you'd like, you can replace 'username' with your deviantart or discord name, but that is up to you however.
Other than that, it looks great!

Let me know if you need any further assistance c:
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Thank you, the truth serves me a lot. Now I know I can start playing nwn thank you very much
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hi! i have a question. So does the gp go to the artist or does it go to the commissioner? 
I'm assuming it goes to the commissioner if it's their esk, is that right?
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Hi ItsAWildBirb!

GP always goes to the esk depicted in the artwork, so if it's the commissioners esk, it goes to their esk, that's right! If there are multiple esk in the piece, every esk shown will get GP.
Only AP is given to both, artist and commissioner.

If you have any further questions, let us know. c:
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thank you for clearing it up :)
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I'm not sure how "playing games" on da works. If you can explain this, I will be very grateful ;u;
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Hello and welcome to TWWM, SunKats!

Playing games on dA can vary a lot depending on the group, so I'll guide you threw how our game is played!

TWWM is an arpg (art role playing game).
In this game, you earn points, by submitting art/writing/crafts to the group of your own or other players esk. The points you earn are used to unlock new game features and customize your esk character.

Useful Terms
Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Aura Points (AP) are points you earn every time you submit art or writing. Gaining AP unlocks game features and MYO slots.
Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Growth Points (GP) are points an Esk earns every time it is featured in art or writing. GP can be used to earn rewards for your characters and create new Esk.
Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Player Level is determined by how much AP you have earned, higher player levels unlock features in the game.

You can start participating in this game, even if you do not have your own esk yet.
Start off by creating your very own player profile! Player profiles are used to track the art you create of esk and the points you earn by doing so.
Here are some player profiles you can use a template:
  [Player profile template]★Player Profile★
★ your name ★
Level icon goes here

Player Level

Aura Points
(Icon of the character + link to tracker)

★ History ★
(link this to comment for log/
Player Level: Title (#)
Aura Points: # AP

Click the thumbnails to view more information.

Badges earned from TWWM.

Tracker of submissions and ownership changes.
DATE: Description.
DATE: Description.
DATE: Description.
Leaf Vine Divider by Moonlight-pendent13Leaf Vine Divider by Moonlight-pendent13
Player Profile Template by NorthGull
  Sample Player Profile[i]: sprout pixel  Username [i]: sprout pixel 

Player level:
Aura Points:
{ C h a r a c t e r s }
(character tracker thumbnails/links)
{  A r t w o r k }
(art thumbnails)
{  A c h i e v e m e n t s }
(badges, treasures)

After you have created your player profile, you can obtain AP (aura points) by drawing the esk of other players. Once you have collected 100AP, you can earn earn your first MYO (make your own) esk from the nursery: Nursery
There are also other way to earn esk in the game, but the nursery is the best place to start for newcomers.

After obtaining your first esk, you can then earn GP (growth points) for them, by drawing them yourself or receiving gift art or commissions of your esk. With the GP you earn, you can upgrade your esk in various ways! You can give them a different look, by adding traits such as stripes, or glowing eyes. Or give them a companion in the form of an animal familiar. Elemental powers or enchantments are further upgrades that are available.
For upgrades available, check the Energy Exchange, where you request to add these upgrades to your esk: Energy Exchange [new modify options!]

Beyond that, the main objective of this game is to develop your esk, as well as the lore and world surrounding them, together with the community.
It is a very open ended game, which encourages playing together with other people by creating stories around the world of the esk.
To help build the story, we have events and various prompts that help you shape this world with us together!

Make sure to check the newcomers guide to help get you started in the game: Newcomers Guide

I hope my explanation was helpful!
If anything is unclear or you need any further help, please do not hesitate to ask! : D
SunKats's avatar
Thanks! I'd love to join the fun, I'll work on getting AP and making a player profile so I can start.
(Tyson for taking the time to write all this, it makes a lot more sense now!)
KaijuRomance's avatar
You're welcome!
Have fun playing : D
SunKats's avatar
The only thing I'm having a hard time with is making a player profile.
I can't figure out how to do it
KaijuRomance's avatar
What exactly are you having trouble with?
SunKats's avatar
Well, I don't know how to edit the thumb, so I can't add or delete anything that I need to
KaijuRomance's avatar
You don't edit the thumb itself, it's a reference template.
What you do is, create a new journal and copy paste everything from the thumb you like into the new journal.
You'll then have to do the formatting yourself, like making the text bold, centered, or bigger via dA's journal format options.
You can find the options to format your text on the top bar when creating a journal.
I hope that helps!
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Thank you Saloiq for helping with some recent revisions~
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Interesting read, and very insightful as well! I really love the sincerity and positive encouragement of this group, and suddenly I feel much less pressured about scoring my work. Heck, I feel further inspired to challenge myself and do better as we step into the next year. :D
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This is so refreshing, thank you
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this was a wonderful read and so thoughtful. thank you for sharing this philosophy with us, it made me think about my own work (in and outside of TWWM artwork) in a new and different light.
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well i guess i cant do my big project then
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You can, but it won't earn more than 500AP. 
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yeah i just saw that i didnt know it would have been that much im good now 
im gonna do it sorry i didnt wanna be rude ;n;
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I really, really love this philosophy. It's fair and gives players room to grow as an artist. :heart:
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