Happy Earth Day from TWWM!

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Happy Earth Day!

Do some good deeds to earn these treasures
Seedling by Esk-Masterlist


It needs to be planted in order to grow and flourish.
Show an esk having a positive impact on the environment.

Sprite Rip: Sprout These treasures never expire and can be earned at any time! Sprite Rip: Sprout

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Can I make gift art of these for people? If so, will they get the treasure, will I get the treasure, or will we share it? I'd love to get people some treasures and wrap up Earth Day with the start of a nice project!
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Yes gift art is fine! You will get the treasure, not the recipient of the gift.
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Ohh these are nice! In fact I have the perfect story in the works where Chupi cleans up some human litter in his forest :D Will that count towards the Seedling? It's not uploaded and not finished yet but I have to admit that I started it yesterday before this event went up.
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yes that would count :>
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These are so lovely ideas for treasures <3
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Ahhh I love the paper crane!!! does planting bee friendly flowers on my balcony count too? cx
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up to you! we aren't setting any specific requirements, players can decide what actions count :]
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These are so cute!  Time to work towards both of them!
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Aww this is a great way to spread some positivity! ;u; 
Happy Earth day!
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AH! I love that little paper crane!
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