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November 29, 2011
Wildlife Texture Brushes by *Sullivan a brilliant brush set with attention to detail and clear instructions in the file for anybody who hasn't installed brushes before.
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Wildlife Texture Brushes

These brushes are free for use in your personal or commercial artwork! Credit is no longer required. Read the README file before using or asking me a bunch of questions!

And please do not ask me if they'll work in this or that non-Photoshop program-- I honestly don't know, sorry!

Thanks for your suggestions and support, you guys are the best. Enjoy! :]

These brushes now have a GIMP download available; v2 download includes the GIMP files! BIG THANKYOU TO =HardLyUndead for putting them together!!

AND thankyou for the DD!!!

edit: 12/21/12 - You asked for it, the brush pack is back!
v2 updates:
+ demo video
+ step by step image
+ GIMP files
+ Terms of use updated

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obrigado pelos brushes vc realmente inspera a evolucao de outras pessoas.....

....thank you very much for the great job and kind sharing....cheers

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omggg sure thank youuu i downloaded it in my clip studio paint ex and run perfectly

(clip studio now support abr)

best pack

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Any advice on how to do that? I love the way these look but it says I can't install

Triangulok3000's avatar

thank you very much/ muito obrigado

muito obrigado,gostei muito. vim pelo Thibarriz

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Também vim pelo Thibarriz. Ele é ótimo!

Thank you so much for these! <3

¡ Bellos, muy bellos ! Gracias por su aporte !

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Thank you! These are amazing :la:

Shiveren's avatar

It says there is no file to download, can anyone help?

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Do these work with procreate? :-?

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Loving these, thank you very much When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon)

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excelente!! pincéis incriveis. todos muito bons.

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Thank you so much ! :)

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GIMP instructions:

First: Find your brush folder! Edit menu >> Preferences >> Folders (expand) >> Brushes. Click on the writable one (or make a new one to keep 'em separate). Copy the directory path to your file manager.

Second: Copy the files out of the ZIP file's GIMP directory to the brush folder.

Third: Restart GIMP!

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Do these work on Firealpaca?

Thank you! These are awesome! Using in GIMP.

The download button gives me an .HTML , not a file for download, can you fix the link, please?

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I'm on mobile and I use Ibis paint X, how do I download/use the pack?

poppyphoenix's avatar

Weird, i can't download the file even though i've clicked the button. Any tips?

They look amazing and work just fine in GIMP! I can't wait to try them, thank you!

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