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Nocturnal Collection 1: Flat Sale closed

By witherlings
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Pastel Purple Star BulletPurple Planet Nocturnal Collection: Flat Sale Raffle closed Purple PlanetPastel Purple Star Bullet

  +|F2U|+ Vaporwave Half Moon 
These adoptables will be on sale July 6th with a 24hr raffle entry window.
The sale adopts are priced on a sliding scale from $150-200, and one adopt is a free raffle! The free raffle will have a player level requirement of Sprout (300AP) or higher, and you will be required to link to your player profile in order to claim a ticket. The adopts for purchase do not have a player level requirement and are open to anyone.

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check your entry here: 


origin traveler . nature critical . boundary coastal shrubland . size tall
uncommon traits foot tufts, socks, cropped tail
rare traits bright eyes
nature feature Dudleya pulverulenta 
enchantment guarded heart
 s a l e


origin traveler . nature doting . boundary stony foothills . size tall
uncommon traits foot tufts, cropped tail, stripes, bold markings, claws
rare traits bright eyes
nature feature Dudleya blochmaniae
enchantment auric horns
s a l e


origin trespasser . nature taciturn . boundary desert rockpile . size tall
uncommon traits
 foot tufts, cropped tail, tail tip, bold markings, socks
rare traits bright eye
nature feature Selaginella bigelovii
enchantment warped halos
s a l e


origin traveler . nature erratic . boundary sandy chaparral . size tall
uncommon traits false ears, cropped tail, foot tufts, socks, claws, dark mask, eyespots
rare traits bright eyes
nature feature Dudleya edulis
enchantment pulse wave
f r e e

  +|F2U|+ Vaporwave Half Moon 


It is a sliding scale— pay what you can within the listed ranges. I only accept Paypal via invoice. Do not pm me until I have replied to you to confirm your raffle win, then you may send me a note to tell me how much you would like to pay and provide your email in order to receive the invoice. I now distribute full resolution files by note.

quick links: editing premades | payment rules | ownership transfer rules | terms of service

 F2U Little Sprout Bullet 
thanks so much!
note: claim name listed here only indicates who claimed the adoptable and may not represent ownership in the future. Please use the Esk-Masterlist to check for up-to-date ownership info if viewing this page after the sale has ended.

thank you norree and the rest of the team for helping me with traits and ID info!
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GirlAssassin25Student Digital Artist
So who won theese beauties? :>
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KyuuyulaHobbyist General Artist
The enchantments of C and D look absolutely gorgeous, I love the effects of both, colours too. <3
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EffloretHobbyist Digital Artist
These are all so creative wither!! 
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r0senr0ttenHobbyist Digital Artist
awww, lovely friends!! : Dc also, i just wanted to let you know that A and B's nature features got flipped :-0

A is Dudleya pulverulenta and B is Dudleya blochmaniae (i was googling them to see what they looked like and found this out lfghdfh i never would have noticed otherwise)
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oh yea thanks!!
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ZaffaraHobbyist Digital Artist
These are wonderful Witherlings! C has got to be my favorite of the batch.
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