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Forest Boundary

Did this illustration for an Esk group I am building. It's just a generic Esk and doesn't belong to anyone.
I'll let you guys know when the group is up and running!

Artwork and Esk species created by witherlings
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Very cool. Llama Emoji-48 (I'm Cool with Mah Sunglasses) [V2] 
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Wow, it's really enjoable to see it in an envirement! <3
VarianceMatrix's avatar
OMG !!!!!! so peaceful!
Kyuuyula's avatar
This looks so peaceful and perfect. <3
I'm lookingforward to the group, don't overwork yourself tho! :3
moka-asaki's avatar
dang dude how do you do nature like that
thats so nice
lamperouge0's avatar
Wow, I like how much detail you put into the foliage
JCMX's avatar
so beautiful I love this so much, I want to be like you :heart:
HeatherHitchman's avatar
LOVE THIS PIECE!!! So good to be seeing Esk around again <3
Xaishi's avatar
Oh man I can't wait.  I desperately want one of these guys, haha.  And fantastic art as usual.  I love how realistic the background feels despite the actual strokes themselves being quite straightforward.
KichisCrafts's avatar
Nice job on the foliage and rocks :nod:
HeronDreams's avatar
I'm very excited and this is so lovely -- reminds me of hiking trips I've gone on. 
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This is amazing, your bg art is wonderful too! Looking forward to the group!
MoonDoodles7's avatar
I thought this was a photograph at first glance...this is AMAZING..
Bear-hybrid's avatar
oh my gosh such a gorgeous illustration!!
mewhaku's avatar
This is gorgeous!
CorvusHound's avatar
I can't wait to hear more about the group :D 
Effloret's avatar
So so gorgeous, this is beautiful!
please make more adopts<3
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This is beautiful and I'm so excited for the group~
painted-bees's avatar
I got clicking around and commented on your front page by accident lmao but--this is the first I've heard of this species and I them ; A; <3!!
I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for a chance to nab one for myself!! 

This image is absolutely stunning! I've always loved the texture in your work...
DarlSark's avatar
I honestly can't describe in words how in love I am with this forestry! It's just so lifelike, and the esk seems like it really belongs there. Would you ever be considering landscape/background commissions in the future? Your attention to detail is incredible!
witherlings's avatar
hey thanks! I might down the road
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