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I am a nature artist and creature designer. Witherlings is my nature spirit design project that I am working on resurrecting and I helped create the collaborative creature design and storytelling game ThoseWhoWentMissing. I am currently working on updating my devart page to include more diverse artwork.

mixed media by witherlings  Mixed media realism (traditional only): $100-$150

Mix of acrylic and colored pencil on 9"x12" board. No digital option.
 Green tick 3Waitlist:

style realism by witherlings Stylized realism: $50-$80

Can be digital or traditional. Artwork size is variable based on subject matter, I will confirm the size with you before requesting payment.
 Green tick 3Waitlist:

full stylized by witherlings Fully stylized: $20-$50

Can be digital or traditional. Artwork size is variable based on subject matter, I will confirm the size with you before requesting payment.
 Green tick 3Waitlist:

Roulette • $50 color / $20 black+white

I also work in a variety of other styles so I have a flat price roulette option where you allow me stylistic freedom with your subject matter. It is not limited to what you see in the examples above! You can choose digital or traditional or leave that up to me, and there is a black and white options (I hope some will pick this! It will be good for my portfolio). Artwork size is variable based on subject matter, I will confirm the size with you before requesting payment. Some will be more realistic, some will be more stylized, I can't predict what will inspire me. I may also experiment with other mediums :> 
 Green tick 3Waitlist:
Yodeldog B+W
painted-flamingo B+W
1ore B+W

Additional info:

US shipping is free
International shipping to outside of US will vary based on the weight and size — I will give you an estimate.

Digital vs Traditional
If you do not have a preference I will choose for you. Digital art is quicker and there is no wait for shipping so if you want your artwork done faster that is a good option. If you opt for traditional stylized work I will use gouache and/or watercolor. Mixed media realism is acrylic and colored pencil only. 

Style and size
Examples above are just the best representations I have on hand, they are not really a strict example like you might not get something exactly like it, I just wanted to give a rough idea of what I'm offering. 
Mixed media is only offered at 9"x12" but other options may vary in size, I won't charge you until you know what the size is in case it affects your price choice. 

In order to meet my time constraints I will not be offering full backgrounds
Only embellishments (leaves, flowers, branch, etc). I'll do a sale with backgrounds another time. 

In order to meet time constraints I will not be offering sketch or WIP review
You will receive the final artwork only for this sale. 

I want to try to get through the lists as efficiently as possible
You can put your name on as many waitlists as you want when you comment/note me, but your slot on the waitlist only gets one commission at a time. 
Example: You can comment here and get on the waitlists for both a roulette and a stylized realism piece at the same time but you can't order two roulettes at the same time. If you want additional ones you can request to be re-added to the bottom of the list after your commission is completed. One slot = one artwork.

Subject matter must be true-to-life wildlife species
I do not do pet portraits. If you want to purchase artwork of your original/fictional character that is okay as long as your concept is a real/normal-looking animal or if you allow me to reinterpret it as such.

I request either full payment or half payment up front
I operate using a sliding scale system, you can pay what you want within that range. If you are paying half up front you can opt to pay half of the lowest price option and then determine later if you would like to pay a higher price. If you have trouble determining a price option I can choose a price for you based on subject matter complexity.

I accept payment by Paypal invoice only
I have additional terms of use requirements that will be provided before payment (it's nothing surprising! ex: commissioned artwork is for personal use only, cancellation policy, etc).

This is a discount sale for my DevArt followers only!
My prices for nature art are normally higher than this but I wanted to offer a sale here as a way to say thank you — you have been incredibly supportive since I returned to this community and it means a lot to me! Many of my DevArt followers have been with me since the very beginning, you are awesome!

Waitlist process:

I will be using a waitlist system for these commissions so I can effectively fit them between my other active projects. I have the waitlists separated by type of commission. Waitlists have no slot limit, I'll just keep on adding to them as people request them. 
• Comment or send me a note to be added to a waitlist (please indicate which list). If you prefer to be contacted by email instead of DeviantArt you can send a note and include your email address instead of commenting publicly.
• Names are added to the waitlists in order based on when I receive the note/comment.
• Waitlist will be publicly accessible here so you can see your place in line.
• When I am available to take the next buyer I will contact them by note or email to start the commission, when completed I will go to the next person and continue moving through the lists. I will not skip over anyone but I may jump around from list to list a bit. 
• There is no estimated wait time — I will go through the list at my own speed depending on my availability. 
• Being on the waitlist does not guarantee that you will get a commission. If I become too busy to continue to work on these commissions I will close and this means I may not complete the entire list. I will do my best! I just cannot make a 100% guarantee I will get to everyone, I will do as many as I can. 
• If I reach your name on the list and the timing is not good you can opt to either go to the end of the list or be bumped down a few slots.

vaporwave progress bar - empty [F2U] selected and will contact buyer shortly
vaporwave progress bar - one [F2U] confirmed with buyer
vaporwave progress bar - two [F2U] sketching
vaporwave progress bar - three [F2U] starting on final artwork
vaporwave progress bar - four [F2U] artwork more than halfway done
vaporwave progress bar - five [F2U] artwork completed
vaporwave progress bar - six [F2U] artwork shipped/file sent

thank you!

comment or note if you have any questions


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