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Screw Normal Deadpool X Queer!Male!Reader
I crawl out onto the fire escape of my apartment, and climb the steps silently to the roof. Another night I couldn't sleep, maybe I could at least have some fun by myself instead. I put my hands on the cinder-block ledge and pull myself up, landing without a sound and I freeze as I see a man in a red and black suit with swords on his back talking on the phone.
"Look, Spidie, I know it's hard to find but it's not that hard. I expect you here in 20 minutes! Chop chop!" He closed his phone and turned to me and looked me up and down and looked almost taken aback. He puts his hand to his chin as he thinks. "multiple piercings, converse, skinny jeans and a ripped shirt...are you a punk?" I ruffle my short hair that I had in a messy undercut and nodded. "Cool!" I stare at him. "Oh by the way I'm deadpool, but I'm gonna make an exception here and say you can call me Wade." I stuck my hand out.
"(M/N)." I give a smile a smile as he grabs my hand and gives it a firm shake.
"So, (M/N), t
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Finch - Jan 2019 ref by Finchwing Finch - Jan 2019 ref :iconfinchwing:Finchwing 3,212 93 Hope is the Thing With Feathers by Cat2204 Hope is the Thing With Feathers :iconcat2204:Cat2204 34 5 Lissylocke page 26 by Skitea Lissylocke page 26 :iconskitea:Skitea 1,436 153
Bruce Banner X Male!Reader - the baker.
Bruce Banner X Male!Reader
warnings: only slight sexual themes towards the end
he/him pronouns used for reader
**i pretty much ignore most of the events after the avengers b/c it's so jumbled and hard to keep the timeline correct, so nothing of that sort will be addressed in this fic (i am not sorry about this lol)
**reader is chubby in this fic
**bruce is around his canon age ~45-50 and reader is in their early-to-mid 30s 
**probs ooc....
"Hey, Bruce buddy," Tony started as soon as he spotted the man walking into his lab, "Can you go pick up my order from that bakery I always go to? It's less than a block away, I'll let you get whatever you want."
Bruce sighed, he thought he was being summoned by Tony for a more important reason. Not to be an errand boy.
"Are you that busy that you had to call me from my lab? I could have been in the middle of something," He exasperated, already sliding his arms into his light jacket.
"Yes, I am that busy," Tony said with a roll of his eyes,
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Shield Gym
Steve hummed a soft song under his breath as he flipped through the rule book he’d received in the mail earlier that day. He wasn’t really sure why he’d decided to go through it not when the rules for Gym Leaders had barely changed at all since he’d first opened his gym. “I don’t even know why they send us new rule books every year Liberty.” Steve said as he turned to look at his Braviary. The last rule change had been almost five years past when scanning a trainers information card to check their points had been made necessary. Apparently too many gym leaders had been beating novice trainers into the ground when they made their challenge. Tony had come to mind when he’d heard of the goings on.
It hadn’t been true of course because while Tony could be prideful he wasn’t the type of person who’d humiliate a new trainer just because he could. He was more likely to point out all their flaws and tell them to come
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Steve grinned and bounced on his feet as he looked around Professor Erskine’s lab. Today was the day he and Bucky would get their starter pokémon and begin their journeys as pokémon trainers. Sadly however Bucky had yet to arrive to receive his starter and that meant that much to Steve’s delight he’d get to choose his starter before Bucky did.
While Steve didn’t have anything against any of the starter pokémon it was always better to have as many options as possible and being first meant that he could make whatever choice he wanted between the three starters the Erskine had received for him, Bucky, and Peggy, a girl that Steve had known for years but was too shy to talk to. Peggy had arrived a few minutes after he himself had but had wondered off with one of the aides to turn the forms for her license. The same forms that Steve had turned in the week before and because of that he was already ready to go.
“Steven.” A voice called
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A Day in the Life
1. Training
Steve had to fight back the mad urge to laugh as he watched Terra prepare to charge at his shield. The little Shieldon wouldn't be able to do any damage of course but it was still a scene that was almost too cute for words. He'd been waiting for something like this to happen since the little pokėmon had started watching the older and more experienced pokėmon train together. Terra had been practicing her Tackle on any of the other pokėmon that would stand still for long enough for her to gather up speed and charge.
None of the older pokėmon seemed to mind though Tony's Lucario had a habit of stopping the little dinosaur in mid-charge with one of her legs or simply dodging. It had taken Tony explaining to him that Rani didn't mind and was actually helping Terra train in her own way for him to understand that the Lucario wasn't annoyed by Terra's charges. Pyrmja, Thor's Raikou, seemed more than willing to lay still for hours and let the little pokėmon
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Tony mumbled something about ‘wires’ under his breath as he fiddled with one of the lights above his workshop. The stupid thing had been flickering for the past hour and a half and it was driving him insane. So he was going to do the rational thing and fix it because if he didn’t the light itself would meet a fiery end and he’d probably end up with a hole in his ceiling and Pepper would kill him if he put another hole in his workshop ceiling. She’d threatened to kill him with her heels after she’d seen what he’d done to his house while making the particle accelerator. So Tony was being calm and reasonable (for the moment) and standing on top of the flat surface that was Claw’s head and fixing the loose wire that was causing the light to flicker.
What exactly Claw though about being used as a living stepping stool Tony didn’t know but he had a feeling that by now the iron leg pokėmon was used it. It had after all been Claw wh
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Coffee (Pietro x Reader)
The Avengers stood around the new arrival in awe as it shone proudly in the sunlight. The metal was so sleek and shiny, curving perfectly at each edge. Each button was almost begging to be pushed.
The new coffee machine had arrived.
The old machine had needed to be replaced after it had started spurting coffee over Tony's new white shirt and some very important SHIELD documents. Although it was funny to see Tony covered in the brown liquid, it also meant no coffee for a week- unless somebody went to the nearest coffee shop.
After Steve had unwrapped the packaging, a disorderly line emerged as each Avenger tried to scramble to the front. As they all fought over the first coffee, you stood watching them laughing.
"Another! It's been too long!" Thor roared, holding his mug high above his head.
"This is my tower, I deserve the first coffee!" Tony argued.
"I'm not afraid to use my taser if anybody tries to get that coffee before me!" Natasha threatened.
As Steve tried to calm the team down,
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thoki by nananagi thoki :iconnananagi:nananagi 110 8 Bani MERCH by ezpups Bani MERCH :iconezpups:ezpups 214 17



For some reason, when I'm drawing in firealpaca, my pen lines are dragging behind my pen by a second, making it very difficult to make a decent picture. I tried a few different things to see if the problem was my tablet, and it doesnt seem to be that. I also tried using different art programs, and my lines were normal in things like damuro and krita, but in firealpaca, medibang, and gimp, the lines were lagging. I have no idea whats wrong and, and would like some help on what to do. (please, help!!)
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For some reason, when I'm drawing in firealpaca, my pen lines are dragging behind my pen by a second, making it very difficult to make a decent picture. I tried a few different things to see if the problem was my tablet, and it doesnt seem to be that. I also tried using different art programs, and my lines were normal in things like damuro and krita, but in firealpaca, medibang, and gimp, the lines were lagging. I have no idea whats wrong and, and would like some help on what to do. (please, help!!)
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Pokemon Trainer
Umbreon moveset:
Dark Pulse
Scary Face

Lived in sinnoh until they turned 17, then they moved to the alola region.

They carry around a mega Absolite from their penpal in the hoenn region
Night Sky Redo
Heyyy... I know its been a while. I recently graduated from high school and my BEFO class, and on top of that, I moved to Colorado from New York for the summer, so I've been rather busy. BUT! Fear not, for I had a free moment, and decided to do another redraw!

Critique is greatly welcomed and appreciated!

Redo of this old thing


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