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Hey, you can call me Riss or Witch. I like drawing spooky things and animals facing left. This is my main art gallery. I'm also pretty active on twitter.

My now abandoned adoptable account was TwitchyWitch

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Design IdealsBasically, this is a big list of my weaknesses you can wield against me during bribes. I like more things then what I've compiled here, and nothing is an automatic "yes", but this is a decent set of examples for my tastes.
Specific designs can be found in these folders:
Anymore, I prefer one-offs over CS when possible, unless stated otherwise. There are a few CS I really like though, namely Pouflons and Mantibabs.
Closed/Original Species
Species I like

Not an exhaustive list, but a good start. Here are some closed/original species I usually like. MYOs and guest artists welcome.
Mantibabs, Kiplings, older Kanti, Pawbirds, and Lelekos by Phloxebuttreal picky with colors thoPouflons by TyronniesaurMinkin and Vestibules by Sa1b0t and Edelilah
fiends by canidaeskullSpires & Kebanzu by HauketFlo
LF Pouflon prompt partners! (always open)I like having a stock pile of approved "you can use my character!" references. I also really like pouflons LIKE A WHOLE LOT!!!!
Just tell me which character of mine you'd like your pouflon included with, a little bit about them, and their ref of course. I would prefer to draw characters who are less likely to be traded, so please pick ones you think you'll hold onto for a while.
If you don't have a preference for which of my pouflons yours is drawn with, that's fine. Just post a link to their ref and I'll figure something out!
This journal will be updated whenever my character list changes.
"I'm not upset. It's just my face."
Flatsale Pouflons #4, #5, #6
Ciel works in the palace as both a library assistant and a scribe. If your pouf hangs around the capitol for whatever reason they're likely to run into him, though he migh
LF Crederia prompt partners! (always open)WIP time for a nap LF Otherworld prompt partners! (always open)erjw;erwejr

[crederia hub] Kanti and Kipling UFT

Fri May 25, 2018, 10:55 AM
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More spring cleaning I suppose. I haven't drawn or done anything notable with either of them for... two years? I still like them both quite a bit and will be pretty picky, but... yeah you know how it is.

This is the kanti, who has some rare traits IIRC though I'm not up to date on the new stuff. I designed them with the older anatomy because that was just my preference, but you can convert them to the newer types if you'd like. They're a MYO by me and have no extra art that I remember.

Kipling-tail-3 by WitchyWorldKipling By Panneh-d8sdm6i by WitchyWorld

Here's the Kipling. They have an original design by Phloxe and then a redesign by me with some of the updated traits (like the cheeks and spots). Both designs have additional art, so just take your pick whichever you like more (or make your own you know you do you). IIRC the horn is a rare trait but don't quote me on that.

Looking for:
  • other phloxebutt designs/species? one-offs are fine. will consider swaps maybe, though for kanti i do tend to prefer the older ones! not always though.
  • pouflons as usual. it's a vice
  • Woolynes?
  • cute reptile/dinosaur/dragon designs; nothing super realistic or muscular
    • i like squeedge's stuff a lot
  • things (not necessarily everything) in here: favorites 
  • Try Me: Design Ideals 
  • art maybe, as an add-on

do you think animals have crytids 

6 deviants said cats are the cryptids in their own cultures
4 deviants said mice would probably have a lot of cryptids
3 deviants said someone write this book of animal society cryptids so i can read it thanks
No deviants said what kind of cryptids would dinosaurs come up with
No deviants said or like, salmon

A Twitchy Witchy Girl


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