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Cotton Candy Pastel Gore by WitchyArtistGal, visual art

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Hello! I am a traditional (Now recently digital) artist who enjoys making cute art every now and then, its more of a hobby then anything.Regardless I enjoy it whenever inspiration hits me! Pokemon Mystery Dungeon- Arrow right NOTE: I do not take art requests. Only friends and family members are an exception. I will consider art trades though! Pokemon Mystery Dungeon- Arrow left

My old account was TechnoBunny16, I moved accounts because I wanted to restart with a fresh new page and add newer art!

Favourite Visual Artist
All of the people I know are my favorite artist
Favourite Movies
Alice In Wonderland, Casper, The Mummy, The Iron Giant, The Tigger Movie (No matter how old I am it will still be my favorite), Just about almost all the disney movies, Labyrinth, bridge to terabitia
Favourite TV Shows
Ghost Adventures, Paranormal lockdown... Basically mostly paranormal based shows, Invader zim, Steven Universe, Star vs the forces of evil, Bones, Fairy Tail, Ghost Whisperer, and a lot of older Cartoon Network/Nickelodeon shows
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Jesse McCartney, Gwen Stafani, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Backstreet boys, Kelly Clarkson, Five for Fighting, Daughtry, Florida Georgia Line, The Fray, Luke Bryan, and many more
Favourite Books
Ink Heart, Reawakend, Witch, Thief Lord, Eragon, Dracula, The Princess Bride, The Secret Life of Bees, The lion, the witch, and the wardrobe, Tiger's Curse, and a bunch more
Favourite Writers
Cornlia Funke, Colleen Houck, R.L.Stine, and many others
Favourite Games
World of Warcraft, Harvest Moon ToT and AP, Poptropica, a hat in time, Alice the madness returns
Favourite Gaming Platform
Wii station or just my laptop
Tools of the Trade
Pencil, pen, paper... Pretty simple, sometimes the computer
Other Interests
Reading, tea drinking, gaming, having alone time, cooking, browsing the web
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Sooo I've been thinking about the rabbit demons species as a whole. Within the world of Poptropica, what other place would these creatures best reside in other than 24 Carrot? Now this idea came up, that rabbit demons were believed to just be a myth to scare kids into not wandering off too far from home and especially children of carrot farmers were told this to keep them focused on caring for the farm land. There was a general fear of them considering they are omnivores. Stories often showed them destorying crops, stealing livestock, and much more. However it was uncertain to the locals if they truely exist. Though there were eye witn
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Been awhile since writing a journal entry. But I am here to wish everyone a happy halloween\hallows eve! Hope its fun and spooky for everyone, and filled with lots of good candy! :happybounce: :giggle:
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Was tagged by littlesneak123 (https://www.deviantart.com/littlesneak123) ! 1. What's the hardest part in making art? Trying to make the anatomy right, especially for the arms and hands, I'd say those are tough to do. Also when trying a cartoon or anime's artstyle, for fanart or of an oc, it can take awhile to learn 2. Knock knock... Who's there? :O 3.you have poptropica merch I do! I had a Dr. Hare plush and a mini figure 4. Fav. Color? Woooo boy that's a tough one.... I'd say a tie between blue and green! 5. Apple or android ? I've enjoyed having android phones, never had much experience with apple tbh. I had an ipod once though and it worked pretty good! 6. What is the ba
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Hey!! :wave: sorry I haven't been on here in so long, as you probably know I left and went over to post on Instagram. I didn't like this site anymore especial with the new layout it's so difficult to navigate! Anyway, Hope you've been well 🤗 here is my account on Instagram: the_bubapepian_artist_86 I know you were a bit unsure about Instagram, but it's actually been great and not much drama as there has been on here, and much easier to block if needs to, and uploading is very easy. :) I hope you will join instagram someday, I'd love to stay in touch with you (I won't be coming here anymore because there's no point for me, especially the new layout.) Take care xx

Hey there!! Its been awhile, how have you been? :0c Also I did finally ended up getting a instagram, and found its not as bad as I feared it was. The only downside is cropping lol,,, I'll go ahead and give you a follow! 💕

Hello! :wave:

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Hi! I'm Jennix! You're AH-MAZING!

Hello!! Also aww thank you!! :heart: :happybounce:
Uuuuum, You on discord?