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Lumastra : Ara



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『Name/Alias』 Ara

『Gender』 Female

『Species』 Laiken

『Age』 448

『Height』 4'11


『Insignia Location』 Chest



W a t e r  -   L o n g b o w



[Water Crystallization]

Similar to how clouds form frozen rain Ara has the ability to solidify water particles into projectiles. The handle attached to her belt is actually a canister of liquid; gripping the handle the water will sprout out the gold ends to crystalize into a longbow. While this does allow for other shaped weapons Ara really is only trained in the bow.


[Sniper Style]

If focusing on one shot it takes Ara a longer time but the water crystallizes into a finer more smooth arrow, letting it travel much further. While it takes more time it is more powerful of an attack.


[Crystal Rain]

If there are multiple targets or a distraction is needed Ara will crystalize multiple arrows in a bundle and fire them all at ones. These arrows are much more rigid and fragile, meaning upon impact they most likely will shatter and melt. This ability again is mostly used for suppressing fire.



[Battle Tactics]

While an expert marksman and cool in the heat of battle Ara specializes in long distance attacks. However if battles get too close Ara will focus on repositioning and escaping.





+ Dedicated, Composed, Honest, Quick Thinking +

Raised diligently after her talents were discovered Ara has a very dedicated personality meaning she understands her job and how she is one of the few people who can do it. Due to her strict upbringing she never really developed a deceitful side so Ara tends to speak honestly if she is spoken to. Not really ever experiencing nerves or anything Ara is always seen as a composed and talented person when demonstrating her natural hawkeye like abilities. When it comes to battles though her true talent is keeping calm and to figure out quickly how to handle situations. While she isn't outgoing enough to be a captain she has the ability to follow orders in a matter of seconds.

- Abrasive, Aloof, Pragmatic, Uptight -

Due to a sheltered upbringing Ara’s blunt attitude and cold attitude can come off abrasive and aloof, her wording and disposition tending to come off as uncaring even though there is nothing malicious behind it. If someone isn’t doing their job right or wasting time she would not be against pointing it out. Understanding that their job is to help protect the universe Ara always looks at things in a pragmatic light. She will complete the work she is assigned to do even if it makes her come off uptight or merciless.


Born in a large city on Nereus, Ara was a strange child to say the least. She never really cried or made any loud noises, most days she would spend sneaking around and tossing crystalized water around. However for her family which was mostly quiet and stoic laikens it wasn’t something that was that noticeable within the family. Walking around one day as her family is gathering some supplies from the market Ara something in the corner of her eye. Noticing a strange individual peeking around a corner the small laiken quickly assessed the person. He seemed to be shaking and holding something behind his, nervously looking around the corner towards the city's market. Watching him duck and quickly enter she quickly followed after him. Trailing after him she quickly noticed each few shops he passed items from the front would go missing with none the wiser. After the third item a merchant seems to catch on and cries out, alerting the thief and causing him to sprint away. With a quick inhale Ara crudely formed some of her water crystals and fired them off towards the thief, feeling a slight twinge of remorse as they seem to lose velocity quickly. Hearing a cry of pain however caught her attention, realizing one of the shards pierced his leg. After being praised for her good work her father took notice of her abilities and began to think of ways that she could improve her talents further.

This began years of training with bows, finding herself spending days upon days of concentrating and building perfectly shaped shards and firing them off into the distance. It wasn’t long before talk of the girl firing crystals around found the ears for the city’s elders. Being pulled into a meeting with them Ara was quickly deemed gifted and was given much attention from the elders. This led to her almost constant training and learning of her people's history and guardians. With her consistent lessons and worship towards these guardians Ara quickly developed a prodigy child, her hair forming with the appearance of a lagoon and eyes hardened and reflective with knowledge. In her times of training she would often be prodded and followed by one other younger Laiken. A lovely lady named Yana who sported a large shield, while at first she found her to be a bit too flowery for her tastes she soon found comfort in it and would thank her for handling conversations where Ara would struggle. Thanks to Yana she began to even lighten up herself, the times she would call her lazy would soon evolve in Ara sitting down beside her and listening to Yana gush about things she couldn’t to others.

When words of the Stain spreading came to the town Ara felt herself pause to really think about things. She spent hundreds of years studying and training her abilities that did help from time to time but she had a chance to really help and do something great. In a very un-ara like way she brought herself before her city’s elders and spoke to them about the rumors and how this was a chance for her to truly be of use to this universe, not just to Laiken but to everyone. Through lots of talks and praying to the guardians for guidance they soon accepted her wish. Before she left she met up with her friend who looked frantic, while she wanted to come along she also knew she wasn’t quite ready to leave. In a rare moment Ara smiled and reached out to shake her hand, letting her know she would be waiting. To her surprise this ended in a large hug from her excitable friend and while this wasn’t something she was used to she wasn’t against the warm farewell.

Arriving at the academy Ara was quick to excel at her academics and practicals. Showcasing hundreds of years worth of work and concentration. While her blunt conversation skills and straightforward nature quickly made her an outcast. While not paying attention to it much she did manage to make a few comrades at the academy who seemed to enjoy her deadpan nature so it wasn’t all bad. Through those years she connected a bit to one instructor who seemed to get it in her head that she needs to try and step back to take a break now and again. While she continued her typical work she did try to heed his instructions on the matter. Even though it was a lot more training the time flew by quickly, leaving Ara in almost a daze when she graduated. Everything she trained for would now be put to the test.

+ Practicing

+ Eager Personalities

+ Worship/Praying

+ Sweet Food

+ Music

- Heavy Clothing

- Hot Climates

- Lazy Behavior

- Spicy Food

- Fire

Roleplay Preferences
 CST [message whenever though] | HC / SemiLit | Discord[open to trying others]
I am open to all types of RP but just fair warning she is a character with an emotional sense of a rock. She will open up with time but its not something that happens fast.

『Additional Trivia』

  • If put in a situation where she needs to struggle with feelings or anything emotional Ara has a chance of showing a very confused state, struggling to put words to her own feelings.

  • Will spend time just bored just firing off arrows and seeing how far they can reach.

  • Due to their upbringing Ara tends to pray to her guardians a lot. Feeling their blessings as probably the most nurturing thing in her life.

  • While she is a female she tends to be pretty neutral not feeling anything too intensely if she is pointed out to have “unladylike” tendencies.

  • If she has nothing to do Ara might be found napping and taking small breaks, while she is not used to it her professors at the academy advised her to lighten up a bit on her training.

  • Enjoys seeing energetic people chatting, while not overly communicative herself Ara enjoys listening so much to a point now and then she could be seen smiling.


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