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1. It's easier than it looks.
2. Some people really can't learn it.
3. Most people can learn it.
4. Some people will dislike you for it.
5. Most people will not dislike you for it. 
6. Some people will find the sound of clicking needles annoying.
7. Most people aren't bothered at all.
8. Crochet and knitting are two entirely different skill sets.
9. Some people think they are entirely the same with a different name.
10. Others confuse the names.
11. I can watch an entire movie and repeat it verbatum but never be able to say which actors play in it.
12. Horror movies and handcrafts are a relaxing combination.
13. You have the perfect excuse to look away when the movie is too scary or gory.
14. It keeps you awake.
15. It can frustrate you.
16. Most of the time it's very relaxing.
17. You can knit and crochet things to strangle people with.
18. It takes time to make anything at all.
19. Some people will consider it a waste of time.
20. Those same people usually spend hours on IG/FB/pinterest to gawk at the stuff other people make and then comment on it.
21. You can take it anywhere with you.
22. I can and have smuggled both knitting and crochet needles on airplanes.
23. Non of the flight attendants ever had a problem with me knitting or crocheting on an airplane.
24. Most of the flight attendants are actually interested in what you are making.
25. It's a conversation starter.
26. The remark you'll hear often when admitting you crochet/knit: "Isn't that for old ladies?"
27. It's not just for old ladies.  
28. It can be a form of mediation or an exercise in mindfulness.
29. I am never annoyed when the bus/train is late.
30. I have actually skipped my bus/train stop because I was too engrossed in knitting/crochet.
31. When going on holiday I am more concerned about bringing enough yarn than enough clothes (clothes can be washed :p)
32. You can scratch your back with a knitting needle.
33. When creating for other people: you can not charge by the hour.
34. You can charge by the hour when you are a famous designer.
35. Most old ladies actually DO know how to knit and crochet.
36. A lot of young people know how to do it too.
37. The interest in knitting and crochet will never disappear.
38. I have never encountered unhealthy competition in the IG handcraft world: only encouragement.
39. Most that can crochet/knit usually do crochet/knit often.
40. Those who know how but can't , usually stopped doing it because of issues like carpal tunnel syndrom or artritis.
41. Those people regret not being able to knit/crochet anymore.
42. But they enjoy it when others do it and like to watch. 
43. Knitting was a 'man only occupation' during the Middle Ages.
44. Knitting was done in ancient Egypt and there is archeological proof of this.
45. No one knows where or how knitting was first invented.
46. There is strong indication that crochet was invented by pre-medieval shepherds, but no proof.
47. Knitting used to be a mandatory skill for sailors.
48. Tunic crochet is much more like knitting, but it's done with a crochet needle.
49. Both are done all over the world.
50. Crochet patterns are written in an almost universal symbology, so it trancends the boundaries of language and culture.


WitchLadyArtisan's Profile Picture
The Witchy Artisan
Artist | Professional | Artisan Crafts
I create handmade items with a witchy, wiccan, occult vibe to them. Yes I do sell them and you may always contact me for (serious) inquiries! Either send me a note here or contact me through DM on instagram.

I make:
- holder bags for your runes/ogham/tarot cards
- protective cover for wands
- baby clothing sets with a witchy vibe to them
- casting cloths
- customs

About prices: All prices are mentioned on my IG. For customs or recreated pieces I always charge the cost of the yarn times three.


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Harry Potter isn't real.
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How many cats do you have?
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I bet that when your parents told you Santa didn't exist, you suddenly remembered you were born cynical?
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