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thank you everyone for the favourites and comments.
i truly appreciate it~

on another note, the blood brothers are performing in Finland at a festival this summer! i'm so excited, i still can't believe it! me and wifey are going to come back from the concert without any bones left in our necks i reckon. that or with our ears bleeding because the music is just TOO GOOD! and too cool. and i realize i'm blabbering but i'm just so excited!

and just because i can:

here's grandma playing you some music that's way cooler than you think

peace out!
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i'm nineteen


i feel so lost

stories by witchiemiranda

~love stories~
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new year new things to look forward to hopefully



the king of carrot flowers by PumpkinMelody   

Solved Disguise by lukeroberts   

mum, i think my sight by sigurr    




retroperspective by industrienormal    purple rain, blue haze by industrienormal

SX-70 polaroid 84 of 100 by lloydhughes    picnic by the water fountain by lloydhughes
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christmas is approaching
i'm browsing through old photographs
here is something from summer

Image Description

~wifey is flowing~
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i'm overwhelmed by all of your messages
i have no way of thanking you all individually,
so thank you! so very much.

here are some treasures

:thumb43085787:  :thumb42146653:  

:thumb42031439:  :thumb42033193:

:thumb20652201:   HAPPY DAY, FATHER by shesleeps  

   love letters by dayswithoutyou

next time will be polaroids

peace out!
please have a look at this…
it made me smile, or more like cry. but it's good.

i'm alright, rather tired but that should change soon.
i also got some polaroid 88 film for my holga, my last chance to shoot with it since it's being discontinued. ;-; so sad.
i hope you are all doing great,
and thank you everyone since i don't have time to thank you all individually! thank you thank you thank you. :heart:

i never feature art but now i want to. here are some things that i love.

:thumb25305185: :thumb35551058:

:thumb39888823: :thumb39543666:

touring giants by theres-no-end to rest upon by theres-no-end

minor suspect s by theres-no-end   leading out by theres-no-end

:thumb13982058: A cake with strawberries. by froststick

:thumb38474703: :thumb38540418:

Ghosts eat Bob Dylan by honeymoonspiders Very Untouchable by InsideOutMan

and many more! but i'll make them wait or this will go on forever.
i hope they water your mouths as well!
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I've uploaded some pictures taken with my new [well, not that new] love, holga.

these are polaroids taken with the holga polaroid holder.

i'd appreciate it if you looked at them.

060606 by witchiemiranda

070707 by witchiemiranda

040404 by witchiemiranda

050505 by witchiemiranda

thank you. :heart:

and since i am so late with all my thank yous for favs and watches, I'll just thank here. so, thank you!! so much. I really really appreciate it. and thank you for everyone who looks at my work or visits my page too. :heart:

dum da dum.
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it's summer, all is fine. summer makes me happy.
i got my holga some days ago, i've got a polaroid too.
some pictures i should submit, i've been very excited.
islands is coming to finland soon, but they're playing at a K21 place, so i can't go ;-; this makes me sad. and múm's djs are coming too, but it's the same place so, oh woes. but i'm going to see animal collective on june 3rd. that should be lovely~

i thought i'd draw something as a present for the person who catches 30000 hits.
that seems like a lot, i'm a little awed, thank you everyone~

i suddenly had a terrible urge to go rowing.

oh how flow
flow how your hair
love your hair flowing!
seeing spirals in driplets and drops
how i wish my feet
didn't sleep all day~

i really don't know what to type. i hope everyone's feeling good~ :heart:
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i think i really want to buy a holga.
which would be the best model?
i'm really excited, i feel that a camera like this is perfect.
any experience in using one? any advice?
or suggestions of other medium format cameras?

thank you, any advice will be appreciated~

peace out!
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I'm leaving for Stockholm, Sweden tomorrow.
I'll be there for wednesday, it should be fun.
And it's crazy, a week from now and I'll be 18. wtf?

Haha, I dunno. Have fun people!

Peace out!
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I cleaned up my gallery.

I also got a new camera for my birthday.

I'm liking it.
Haven't gotten around to shooting all that much though.

I'm also shooting stuff with a film camera, it's so different.
A lot of fun too.

Winter break begun.
Hope you're all doing fine.

I'll go and get a cup of tea.

Peace out!
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I like letters

I like art

I like mix tapes

I like receiving/sending mail

especially when turning 18.

haha, if you would like to send me a letter/birthday thing/whatever
i'd love it. and i'd send you something back too, if you wanted!
I just like mail. and it's my birthday soon, so I'm feeling even more like sending/ receiving something via mail. because it's fun. and exciting.


note me if you want to.

peace out!

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one month exactly and i'll be 18.
of course, once again, february 29th will be non-existent. ha.

but really. 18?
woah. i don't get it.
I don't feel that old X3

sorry about all the meaningless selfpotraitshotthings.
i'll try and submit real art sooon.

peace out!
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Devious Journal Entry

Sun Jan 15, 2006, 12:25 PM
I have a few prints related questions.

Which deviations (if any) would you like to see available as prints?

What would be a reasonable price? (i want to try and keep it low enough)

Wishes for products other than prints?

I might be making some of my work available as prints very soon.

Thank you.

EDIT: I submitted one print. I'm hoping for it to be approved.
I shall submit more tomorrow, hopefully. Now I'm off to bed. :)

~*~The clubs~*~
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i command uuuu

Fri Dec 30, 2005, 2:46 PM
see this…

la la la i love my wifey

sorry wifey<2


~*~The clubs~*~
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Fri Dec 23, 2005, 2:03 PM
I wish you all a merry x-mas! :)


~*~The clubs~*~
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sweet like harmony

Fri Dec 2, 2005, 4:09 AM

I want to eat my wifey :heart:


~*~The clubs~*~
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Devious Journal Entry

Sun Nov 27, 2005, 5:57 AM
Our computer is broken. I'm at risk of losing all my photographs and pictures.

Lovely. Just what I needed.

I hope they can be saved.


~*~The clubs~*~
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