:spotlight-left: THE WITCHER DAMNATION's FAQ AND RULES (UPDATED) :spotlight-right:

:bulletblack: Membership

Nothing easier: first, read the DamNation group rules (here below) and be sure you have understand everything. Then just click on "Join our group" button in the homepage and it's done! Anyone is admitted with no limits or discrimination of age, race, sex and sexual orientation, religion, culture, education, country of provenience and so on.
(please, see: Reasons for being permanently doomed , below)

:bulletred: Submissions

Submission are unlimited per day\week and are subjected to the admins vote. Every submissions are moderated, reviewed and approved\declined by :iconsecondchildrenasl: and :iconsoukyan: . If a submission does not fit the group lines, or DevianArt lines, it will be REJECTED immediately.

Please, submit your deviation in the appropriate gallery folder, help us to keep the group clean. Submissions are not allowed in Featured gallery only, which is moderated by admins.

       :bulletred: GUIDE TO THE FOLDERS witcher-damnation.deviantart.c…

:bulletgreen: Deviations admitted to this group

          :pointr: Fanarts of any kind or "Inspired by" - artworks related to The Witcher videogame series or Sapkowski book saga (If you are unaware of what they are, please go Google them or see our Witcher Wiki --> witcher.wikia.com/wiki/Witcher… :) ) . Fanarts must BE MADE BY YOURSELF ONLY. You cannot use another artist's work, or claimed it as your own. It must be YOURS, and YOURS ONLY. You are free to use any reference and materials from the web, from TheWitcher.com main site, from Witcher Wiki, or from our group gallery, providing that you credit them or ask permission to use them. This in accordance with DevianArt Central rules help.deviantart.com/35/ (IMPORTANT! READ THEM FIRST!!!)
          :pointr: Artworks containing sex content, nude, gay\lesbians content, nudity, bondage, violence or war and so on, are admitted, providing that they are labeled as "mature" (according with dA rules)

               :deviation: for a list of fanarts admittable to the group, see here  witcher-damnation.deviantart.c…

         :pointr: Any fan fiction submissions, providing that they fit the above rules and DeviantArt rules (nothing that is not yours, nothing claimed as your own, all reference materials credited and properly quoted)

          :pointr: Suggestions to Favourites folders or to our gallery, according with the rules above (nothing that is not yours, nothing claimed as your own, all reference materials credited and properly quoted) ALL RELATED TO THE WITCHER UNIVERSE ONLY

You can submit any artwork of yours you like to show us, included photography and photo manipulations, screenshots, wallpapers, traditional and digital works; 3D artworks and animations, animated gif, theme, skins and icons, banners and avatars; fan fictions, fan poems, fan short\long stories; pencil sketches and linearts, inking, doodles and scrapbooks; concept art, comic pages, manga; artisancrafts and sculptures; pixel artworks, patchworks, waxworks, stitching and sewing, cooking arts; LARP and cosplay.......... Just everything RELATED to The Witcher universe and Sapkowski book saga.  

               :star: When submitting your arts, be sure it is not related to other videogames, movies, comics, books, fanfictions, anime, manga, etc. Please, DO NOT submit unrelated to The Witcher universe. No matter how good they are, we DO NOT ACCEPT them. Use other related group from this (there's plenty of groups of any sort on DevianArt!) :star:

:bulletpurple: Reasons for being permanently doomed!

Please note that the Witcher DamNation's Admins have the right to decline any submissions which does not fit the group rules rules or DeviatArt rules, especially if:

:pointr: it contains pornographic or pedopornographic materials
:pointr: hateful images and materials, hate propaganda, hate speech, containing racism, and incitement to violence, war, suicide and killing etc...
:pointr: artworks containing crude violence, death and corpses are allowed ONLY if in accordance with DeviantArt rules (have to be marked as MATURE).
:pointr: Spams and advertisements

Sumbmissions with these contents are subjected to immediate declination and report to DevianArt central, together with the owner\submitter of them. The author is also subjected to permanent banishment from the Witcher DamNation group. Also note that this group does NOT wish to affiliate itself or even support any members producing\submitting hateful material and anything related.  (we do not want anything to do with this stuff. DeviantArt will take care of you :devilish: )

Any artworks will be reviewed by the Witcher DamN-Admins, who have the power to decline the stuff that does not respect DeviantArt rules or the group's rules. The Witcher DamNation does not tolerate stolen and not licensed artworks (in accordance with DeviantArt policies).  Artworks and deviations which violate an author's copyright or license rules will be rejected, and the author of them banished forever (and reported to DA central).

:bulletwhite: Group affiliation

Just a drop a message to us! we will be glad to affiliate with you (providing that you all know, signed up and respect DeviantArt Policies and Rules).

:bulletyellow: Contests

We will announce a new contest time to time, with prizes, depending on our possibilities. We are not rich and this group is seldomly supported by CD Projekt RED. People who will join the contest, will be candidated to win those prizes and recieve distinction. We will do our best to share your work into the Witcher Community and the Official Forum en.thewitcher.com/forum/ , in hope to give you more visibility and pageviews.
Rules to the contest will be post together with its announcement in our blog and the homepage. A special gallery folder will be dedicated for contest entries only, and immediately closed as long as the deadline is over.

Stay Tuned!

:star: :star: :star:
Please for any question, drop us a note or a message on the group homepage.

Membership includes that you have read and accepted our rules and DevianArt rules as well. If you disagree or do not accept this, please DO NOT join our group!

The Witcher and The Witcher 2 (c) CD Projekt RED. All rights reserved.
The Witcher (Wiedzmin) (c) Andrzej Sapkwoski, all rights reserved.

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