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Hey folks!

As you may have noticed, DA website changed its skin interface. This is giving us a few issues reguarding the administration of groups, as we are struggling with the new features.
So approval of new submission to the group may have some delay.

Sorry about this, and keep submitting, following, supporting this group!
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We're professional (art) monster slayers








About group categories and submission

:star: Rules! (READ IT, DAMMIT!^^) witcher-damnation.deviantart.c…

*Any quality, any level, any kind of art accepted
*The Witcher books and videogames series ONLY, no art from other games\media
*Nudity, erotism, Nsfw, sex, homosexual content... ACCEPTED!
*Mature content accepted ONLY within DeviantArt rules
*NOT ACCEPTED: violence, hate, offence, racism, sexism, gore, pornography and pedo-pornography...
*Absolutely NO STOLEN ART!

:star: Category folder list and what they are for witcher-damnation.deviantart.c…
* GERALT OF RIVIA: for Geralt as a single character of main character
* FAN FICTION AND COMICS: DON'T YOU EVER SUBMIT HERE if your art is not one of the two!!!
* YENNEFER, CIRI, TRISS: Same as Geralt's folder
* IORVETH AND ROCHE: for these two characters.
* MAGE AND SORCERESS\KINGS AND QUEENS: Every characters who is a mage, a sorceress, a queen, a king, a princess, a prince... EXCEPT Triss, Ciri and Yen (they already have their own folder!)
* PAIRS AND COUPLES: art with two characters, as a couple (love) or a pair (no love).
* MONSTERS AND CREATURES: for animals and other supernatural beasts
* GERALT'S FAMILY: for CIRI+YEN+GERALT as a triplet (that's Geralt's family in fact)
* GERALT'S party: Geralt's party people: Milva, Regis, Dandelion, Zoltan etc.
* WITCHERS: other witchers but Geralt, including your own OCs.
* SCREENSHOTS: screens from the game
* WALLPAPERS: Wallpapers dedicated to the game saga
* HERALDRY: for coats of arms, any style and techniques
* MISCELLANEOUS: anything else not belonging to the previous folder, including: Shani, Ves, other humans, landscapes and backgrounds.
* We know that sometimes is difficult to decide to which category your art belongs. Leave us a message, if you're in doubt.

:star: Group's copyright policies witcher-damnation.deviantart.c…

:star: Ever dreamt of a Wishroom

:email: Questions? Drop us a note :)


The Witcher ® is a trademark of CD Projekt RED S. A. The Witcher game © CD Projekt RED S. A. All rights reserved.
The Witcher game is based on a novel of Andrzej Sapkowski. All other copyrights and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


:star::fuzzydemon: Hello to all our fellow witchers, sorceresses, non-humans, artists and so on. I'm here today with a proposal to all of you. As you remember, we had this little thing going on not that long ago, Artist of the DamNation. And since we ran out of personal time to continue it accordingly to the plan - it had to stop being regular. Yet. You're still here, you still make your great art and heck, you deserve all the visibility you can get. And we want to give it to you!

 :pencil: Write your own entry about yourself.
 Yes, that's right. We're here to prompt you to promote yourself a little, tell us about yourself, show off your art and your pages! You can use the old entries as your example, or you can make up your own. Below I give you a plan of what we'd like from you in these entries, including the terms we hope you can keep up with:

 :bulletred: Tell us how you found the Witcher.
 :bulletblue: Who's your favorite character?
 :bulletgreen: Which game is your favorite?
 :bulletred: What other games you like?
 :bulletblue: What's your art style?
 :bulletgreen: What are other things you like to do?
 :bulletred: Any personal pages you wish to share (art blogs, personal blogs, portfolios, tumblrs, etc.)

 :halfliquid: The one rule is one entry per week (you can post it in your own journal and inform us about it if you want a review beforehand). An entry in general. Everyone deserves attention, so do you, and so does the person before you. Don't become a limerick and we'll love you forever!

:iconwitcher-damnation: :bulletred: :iconanno-decadence-2077:

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