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Stargate MLP: Ascended Being

This pony is a representation of a concept from the Stargate franchise: an Ascended Being, someone who has risen to a "higher" state of existence, one of pure energy. I based this design on how such beings looked in the SG-1 episode "Meridian". I'm totally in love with this one -- I'm a sucker for opalescent things! :D And she wa pretty quick to make -- removing her mane was what took the longest, for about an hour of work altogether.

I seem to have lost the images I took of the pony in the "before" state. I'm not even sure who she was -- she was a pony I got in bulk from Disney World. She was already white -- I wiped her symbols off with Goo Gone. The things in lieu of a tail and mane are crytsalline pipe cleaners. Her gown is opalescent "foil tissue". She also has some crystal glitter-paint, and I painted her eyes a metallic blue. You can't see it too well in the pic, but she has an aqua-blue "Earth Symbol on her back right heel, something I put on all my stargate line. On the bottom of her left hind-hoof is my MLP signature, the alchemical symbol for prosperity -- which just happens to look like a "W" on top of an "M". ;)

You can see more of my Stargate-themed ponies here: [link]
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This is fantastic. I want an ascended being My Little Pony...