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GotG: Groot Tree-topper

If you like this and want to share, please link to *this page*!!

*UPDATE* I appreciate everyone's interest, but I'm not making another one. I don't have a license to sell  Marvel stuff; he wasn't exactly easy to make (so I'm not eager to do it again); and I don't have any more tall CD spool covers. There are Groot masks out there you could use, though! :)…


I'd posted about a Baby Groot Ugly X-Mas Sweater, and my friend Anita remarked that she would like a Groot tree for the holidays. My muse practically bowled me over, insisting we must do a Groot tree-topper for our Solstice tree (but of course we couldn't do that without making a Rocket, too!) I used an old CD spool cover as a base, covered it first with foam (and an oval shampoo cap, to give the mouth form) and screwed some plastic eyes in (and cracked it -- d'oh!). I then covered it in Crayola Model Magic, adding some pipe cleaners for twigs, and painted him with acrylic.

See Rocket here: GotG: Rocket Raccoon Plush

See them together, with the tree decorated and lit up, in my flickr album:…

See some in-progress pics here: GotG: Groot Tree-Topper WIP

I made GotG: Baby Grootmas Tree Topper/Ornament for a couple of friends! I also made GotG: Baby Grootmas Tree Topper/Ornament Tutorial, in case anyone wants to make one of their own!

If you like my crafts, you might like my 2D art, as well!

You can see more of my Marvel-themed works (including stories and articles) at my site:

Happy Holidays! :love:
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I so wish I could have this for my tree. The awesomeness of this idea is beyond compare. 
Can you patent something like that though?  I would imagine there would be a tremendous amount of interest on something so awesome that Marvel will pick up the idea to sell.  If they do, you should totally get credit for that!
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I don't think so, since it's not my character in the first place.
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Totally making one of these, except I'm using a cutout of a picture of Groot's head for simplicity, and putting it on a small tree to put on my desk at work. I've been wanting a potted Groot there for a while, anyway.
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Heheheh, fun! And you kind of gave me an idea (you and some t-shirts designs I've seen) -- I'm making a little Baby Groot tree for a friend! :)
I'm thinking of trying to make one of my own. Are you willing to disclose what you used for his face? I can't tell from the picture if it is a sculpted piece or what he is made from. I see the spool in the back (and I have one of those). If you can see my email, please feel free to send email.
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All the info is in the description under the picture -- materials used, as well as a link to work-in-progress images. :)
Okay, I’m sorry my internet just loaded and I was able to fully see your description.  Never mind (:
Would you be willing to list the materials that you used?  I simply adore this (and anything groot) and am OBSESSED - If not, I completely respect that.  I did see your progress pictures, I was just wanting to verify what was used! I googled for masks and they are not as high quality as this (:

Great work! 
Due you make a sell these? If not what was your steps to making this. I would like to buy or make it myself.
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Like Graphix-Goddess said, I don't sell them. There are some work-in-progress pictures here:… I'm not sure what else to say about making it other than what I already said in the description. Also, you can Google "Groot masks" and use one of them, probably.
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They do not sell these. It says this in their description.
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This is ingenious!

And go YOU for actually respecting copyrights and licenses. It drives me crazy when so many artists profit off of other's characters like they don't even care or respect the original artist/creator. You definitely have my respect for your considerate nature!
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Thanks! Yeah, it bugs me, too ....
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If only more people were so considerate :(
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