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A photograph of water droplets on the surface of my bathroom sink. I actually took this photograph in the middle of the night when I woke up to go to the bathroom. I washed my hands and I happened to notice how perfect the water drops looked. I grabbed my camera and a torch/flashlight, directed the light at the water droplets at a low angle to show the form of each drop and took the photo from close-up.

I included this photo in the project I was doing for my AS-level photography studies at the time in March 2004. The photo was later blown up, framed and displayed in the corridor of the art department at my college. :D When I went back to the college on an open evening in November 2007 to see how things had changed, it was still there.

Canon PowerShot A80 digital camera
1/10 sec, f/5.6
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It is GORGEOUS! I love the artistry you incorporate in ordinary things. Not just aesthetics-wise, but message- (philosophy-)wise. You can see so many things abstracted in this photo. And at the middle of the night, too! Guess you never can tell when inspiration will strike. <3

And what an honor it is to have it framed at the art department corridor! Though I guess I shouldn't be surprised. It is THAT beautiful. :))
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another great shot.. (i'm not watching u but somehow i came across another of ur pieces)... .like the contrast... and perspective is cool.
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Thanks darknernights. I'm glad you liked both of the shots you looked at. Thanks for your comments on the other one too. :)