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Morphos Metaphor: Esber Fatum by witch-girl-pilar Morphos Metaphor: Esber Fatum by witch-girl-pilar

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N A M E:
Esber Fatum ("Fatum" means "mishap" in Latin.)

A G E:

G E N D E R:

Y E A R  L E V E L:
Year Three

W E A P O N:
His portable staff, which can also turn into a pair of eskrima sticks if the staff is pulled into half

A R C A N A:

A R C A N A  R A N K:

S U I T:
Suit of Chalices

N A T I O N A L I T Y:

H E I G H T:

W E I G H T:

L I K E S:
Joshua's cooking
His own family

D I S L I K E S:
Anybody bullying Joshua or anyone he cares
Unfair people
Bad music

P E R S O N A L I T Y:
Esber can be very cocky and flirty, and also uncontrollably hyperactive at times, but he's actually a pretty nice and understanding guy. He is fiercely loyal to his own family and his own friends. If it's time to get serious, he WILL be serious. He also likes to make people happy, so if he feels like someone (especially if it's a girl) is depressed, he'll do his best to cheer the person up, be it a friend or a stranger.

If someone manages to embarrass Esber, he'll suddenly feel awkward, and will blush non-stop. (Which is actually a pretty rare case.)

Ever since his Awakening, he struggles being positive while coping his hatred for having a Persona.

*Activeness - thanks to his personal workout training with Riley, he always stays alert in battle
*Loyalty - he prefers to be the follower than the leader
*Cheeriness - he has the habit to cheer up his comrades, especially if the situation is dire.
*Agility - he personally prefers to priorities his agility.

- Selflessness - most of the time, he would do the "protecting everyone else" thing
- Low Resistance - while having good stamina, he doesn't bode well in taking hits that are elemental-based.
- Thinks out loud. Literally - Especially if he gets a little excited, he can accidentally spill the beans.
- Prefers to do the hitting than prioritizing his supposed [Chalice] skill set - He's really more of a fighter, unless someone reminds him that he can also be the healer.

H I S T O R Y:
Esber is the youngest and the only male sibling of the Fatum triplets. They were born in the Philippines and raised by Riley Adonis, after their mother was allegedly killed. Life wasn't always friendly to the family, but they manage to withstand their hardships as a close family. Once the triplets graduated from elementary, a man named Joel Kingsley entered into the family's lives, and started to help them financially, and even letting the whole famly move in to America, where the triplets took their middle school days. They eventually made a bond with Joel's son, Joshua Kingsley.

When Joshua Kingsley moved in to Kirimori, Japan, Joel assigned Esber to be Joshua's bodyguard, eventually bringing the whole family with him. And while the Fatum family never knew about Higashimori High School's "secret", Esber was one of the few "normal" students who witnessed the Shadows. He eventually became part of the school's force against the Shadows, and sometimes tagging along with the other students in Shadow Missions, but only while Joshua isn't present. 

T R I V I A S:
+ His wireless headphones also serve as a bluetooth for his cellphone.
+ He only uses his staff for self-defense. If he isn't using it, he can just make it smaller and hide it in his pocket.
+ His family consists of 2 sisters (Pilar and Nenita) and 1 guardian (Riley).
+ He usually gives nicknames or titles to people (eg: Riley = Papa Wolf).
+ He doesn't mind being called "monkey". Interestingly, it is said that his family loosely resembles the main characters of "Journey to the West".
+ He can play the piano and a guitar well. He also sings pretty good. He is usually the main vocalist, the keyboard player, or the main guitar in his family, who are small-time indie band (Though he prefers to be the main vocalist).
+ He is straight, but he is currently dating Jian, no thanks to their VERY INTIMATE first encounters
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