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So I've been working on these for...a few weeks, they're...really...weird stylized versions of Avatar: The Last Airbender characters if you couldn't tell (which would be a very very bad thing)

I made Toph and Appa and Mai first - so that's why they're a little more stylized than the rest

Non-benders (except Ty Lee) have this weird arms crossed thing going on, that's just because it was easier to have them holding their weapons or whatever with ...crossed...arms...heh.

Azula and Zuko are basically doing the exact same thing but Azula has what I affectionately call CRAZY HANDS

Suki and Sokka took the longest to do...and Katara was the hardest to make look like...Katara


everything was made in Adobe Illustrator
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nicccee. 2 b honest, my eyes mentally draw in all the lines and creases in their close :D nice job