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The Portal Desktop Theme


UPDATE--14 MAY 2011
I haven't released it yet, but I refreshed the theme with the aforementioned CPU/battery meter. I will release it the same time that I release my Portal 2 theme: [link]

UPDATE--5 MAY 2011
I will soon update this with a CPU/Battery meter (for the Level Progress meter).

UPDATE--5 FEB 2010
I've cleaned up the digits.png file of the level date sign. If you see little edges in the '1' digit (visible depending on the color of your background), download the cleaned version: [link]


I've reworked my original Portal theme and packaged it up in an Rainmeter skin file for easy installation.

This is inspired by the test chamber signage at the beginning of every level in Portal. The level number is replaced by the date, and I've added the month and day.

Below that is a level progress bar. There are two variants. One is a week progress bar: the same way the Aperture Laboratories showed you your progress through the levels, this shows you your progress through a year! The second variant is a RAM meter bar, created by request.

To complete the whole sign, I also created my first ever Rainmeter dock! It imitates the same basic design of the test chamber sign: a 5x2 grid of simple black and white icons. They are dimmed when inactive, and turn fully black when you hover over the icon.

There are a bunch of other little extras as you can see in the preview picture.

If you have any suggestions or requests, please don't hesitate to let me know! I may have overlooked some things, so please, by all means, get in touch with me if there's something wrong.

====== TIPS ======
You can edit (found in the Fonts folder) and define your own font to use for most of the text. The variable is MyFont. It should change most of the fonts across the board. If it doesn't, please tell me about it. I have designed this for use with Helvetica, but many people may not have it: the only recommendation I have is to either get Helvetica CE or to tweak it yourself. If you have a free Helvetica alternative, please let me know and I will use it in future updates.
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You know, sometimes I wish there were "smart" backgrounds that would change with the day, time, and temperature...

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The numbers of the theme are overlapping over the text and other things, is there a way I can fix this. (I have 1920 x 1080 screen on Windows 10)
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Nevermind, top right.
TwistedChikon's avatar
Where's the download link!????! Am I blind, or insane.... Well, I mean.... I'm already insane, but now I'm... I'm like, more insane.... Or something.
Munkustrapp's avatar
Maybe I missed this info somewhere, and I'm also new to Rainmeter, but I'm wondering how to make the icons linkable?
ViViSnipes's avatar
Does this work on Windows 8?
Agent-G245's avatar
cool, I gotta remember to get this when I receive a new windows 7 laptop.
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Does the weather actually change? Or do I have to dick around with the settings?
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The weather does change, but you have to set the ZIP code. Just google Rainmeter weather config, I think you'll be able to figure it out from there.
I love this one!!!
cant find the download am i blind???
nice, that would look nice on my phone :)
thats a stuoid question but what program i need to instal this theme because when im downloading it it a blank file
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you need rainmeter. download that and then this
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What a great Rainmete Skin :D
Is there a Way to remove the Background from the TestChamber Sign, so that it looks like the other Clock. Just Solid black. I hope you know, what I mean.
Can someone please tell me how to change the links the little buttons go to? I am extremely new to rainmeter, so please explain in detail. Thanks!
How do you change the weather feed? I've been trying to change entries in the .txt file but I can't get to show local weather
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This is wonderful, I love the simplicity of it. The only problem is that I can't seem to change the weather type to C - it refuses to update and stays in F. I've tried changing it in the url area under MeasureWeatherRSS and under Variables, but no matter what I do it stays in F. How do I fix this? Thanks in advance.
little-angel-73's avatar
Oh lawdy, that was a silly mistake. Apparently, you don't capitalise the c and f. Well, never mind. Thank you for the awesome theme.
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hm, I tried both c and f on the unit code on Aperture Weather file, but it still only displays a "?" as the unit. Any suggestion? by the way, great skin, very much appreciated!
little-angel-73's avatar
I figured it out. Where are you entering the c/f? There are two places to enter it: both under "Variables" and "MeasureWeatherRSS" - if you enter it correctly under both (or just under MeasureWeatherRSS) then it should display the weather correctly. Make sure you have your weather code correct as well. Hope this helps.
EternalNewbie89's avatar
sorry for the late reply, been quite busy lately, didn't have the time to apply it. It worked out great!! thank you so much for your help
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