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Portal 2 Theme Update - WIP




UPDATE (31 Jul 2011)--Getting quite close to being finished. Will probably release it today.

UPDATE (30 Jul 2011)--I've pretty much finished the theme, should be released any time now. Just have to make sure everything is tagged properly, and will write up a basic instructional ReadMe.

Looking for suggestions! Please let me know either by PMing me or replying in the comments!
- Other ways to incorporate time/weather in an authentic way using Portal's in-game materials
- Weather icon ideas
- Dock icon ideas (I get the feeling that not many people use the TV Folder icon)
- Double screen diagram ideas
- Portal-style humor synonym phrases (for RSS Feed and weather widget)

So, I've been trying to figure out how to incorporate the time and weather into this theme. It's a little difficult to keep it authentic: the real game didn't show you the time, nor did it show you the weather!

Eventually, I figured that I could kind of use the blue video screens in the elevator room. I know that this isn't exactly true to the original vision: the video spanned multiple monitors, and the art is a little different (not as authentic as I would like). But this is just a work in progress.

The level sign itself is already pretty much done, it's a real Rainmeter config. Now I'm working on the weather icons.

(Please excuse my crappy watermark: I found DeviantArt's too be too obtrusive.)
>>31 May 2011 - Found animation software
> So far I've just been using the transform tool and skewing my little stick figures. It took me a while to master it (it shouldn't have, but I was being too much of a man and didn't want to look up tutorials haha). I've now found Stickman, the 2D animation program. I think it may make my life a little bit easier if I want to render more complex actions (besides just standing around or waving their hand at you). Or maybe I can just learn how to warp shapes. In either case, the animation looks like a fun little project, so maybe I'll make a video just for fun. Actually, I just found out I can make use of an animation in Rainmeter, so maybe we will have an animated video version of these screens after all....we shall see.

>>29 May 2011 - Updated the screenshot.
> Here's my experiment with the double-wide screens. I spent most of the time making that silly illustration. Any ideas for better diagrams would be appreciated.

>>29 May 2011 - Updated the screenshot.
>I've decided to just lump the entire level sign into one config file: it makes it easier to overlay the dirt. All that really means is that I'll just have to make different variants for the people who want a CPU/Battery/RAM meter instead of a weekly progress meter.

>I've also begun to piece together the elevator video screen config and added a white screen variant: I noticed there were not only blue screens, but also white ones (like the one with the Animal King Takeover or turret videos). The artwork is pretty tough for me to make: I'm not especially artistic or anything. If anyone wants to help me out with them, that'd be great. Ideas for weather icons are always welcome!

>I'm trying to make an RSS screen, trying to figure out how to fit it into the Portal aesthetic.

>I've redone the typographic clock to match the digits found throughout this theme.

>I'm thinking about making it so that you have to click on a weather icon in the dock to view the weather panel. You'd still have the option of having it as a separate config that's open all the time, of course; but it would save desktop space this way.

>I'm experimenting with adding a slight blue glow to the blue elevator screen. Hard part is making it scalable. I could easily just make two different versions of the config (and two different versions of the glow image), but I'd prefer to be as efficient as possible.

>Finally, I am also working on making everything as scalable as possible. That is, you can set the width of the config and everything else will be adjusted automatically. I can't seem to do it for the dock since button images in Rainmeter can't be scaled. I think I might just make several sizes. Right now, the width is at 384 px, so I might make a 256 one and a 512 one.
One nitpicky thing: the wall textures (in the wallpaper) need to be smaller if I want to make the signage smaller, in order to keep a proper sense of scale. The thing is, I'm not sure what to fill up the empty space with.

Thanks to a comment below ([link]), I started thinking about doing a double-wide blue display for the weather and time. I would personally like the way it looked, but I think that it's not practical enough: there just isn't enough desktop space for two displays, unless I make it smaller. Hmm....
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How do I change the weather settings? Sorry, I'm new to rainmeter and I don't know how to set location. ^^;