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Natalia's legs, but I made it for Maya ^_^
I like your red ink infant handwriting, even if I have to wrangle with Почта России in 2 months to get your new letter :lol:
Hope, one day you'll forget these stupid thoughts about "fear of disappointing me"...

Наталь, прости за круропластику, я там что-то намудрила с выковыриванием твоих ног из екатеринбуржских пейзажей:)

textures: :iconnight-fate-stock: :iconsmoko-stock:
glass: :iconisostock:

Smoko-Stock, thank you again for filters.
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i love it but i am lesbein so what do u exspect
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It does not matter whether you are a lesbian or not, if these legs look good, you would notice it anyway if you are not totally blind though.
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Ноги кажутся нарисованными)
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тем не менее они реальны)))
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Thanks for the link back to see how you used my Stock. Job well done. I genuinely like the concept and idea behind this work


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oh, that's so touching...thank you so much, miss Wiss! I'm extremely glad that you find my handwritting worth a mention and moreover likeable:)
I can say that you will recieve my new letter sooner, than you expect...
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I want "Maya in a box", you know))))
Amsterdam style Maya in London town.

хорошей поездки, elskan min (I usually say "elsku vinur", but I want to confuse you^^)

I beg you send me word of how you are:)
Have to "wien" now :lol:
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i love your clit it is so jucy
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