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:bulletblue: here is a journal page for pieces of art that might inspire you the way they inspire me. 
 thank you for taking the time to bask in their beauty.

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EpistleLove, I dreamt about Wyoming again. Heartbreak at Coogee BeachCoogee Beach, Perth.
I stand on the dunes, bare-footed
in swelling, gritty sand
amongst the spiky explosions of coastal vegetation.
I am childishly happy about the thought of becoming an adult –
the air moves differently over my skin up here and
the future might be bright.
A toddler reels up to me, unsteady and tottering on chubby legs;
one of the many little ones of our brood.
"Aunty Meggy. Aunty Meggy."
She reaches out tiny pleading arms to me,
blue eyes wincing against the harsh Australian sun
and the tears that collect in their corners.
She has had a fight with her cousin –
a similarly round three-year-old who's her biggest love in all this world.
"Silva doesn't want me anymore."
My niece has experienced her first heartbreak.
I pick her up, and she buries and wipes her snotty face on my shoulder.
She's never been rejected before.
Maybe by her dad, but she doesn't remember that.
Everyone loves her –
little sunny Scarlett.
She weeps a little, in that coughy, snorty way
from florida with loveyou are an unstable constant in my life
there is no promise of you in daybreak
and there is no lingering trace of you at night.
for three years of my life you were there
i could depend on you to house me
to feed me, to take care of me. 
but then i left because i didn't know
i didn't know what it would be like away
from your blistering chill and your great cooking. 
i have returned to you twice a year
ten years i hope you'll accept me once more
one week i hope it can feel natural again.
you send me away with bags packed and car humming
you do not plead for me to stay by your side
you leave no parting words between us. 
i cry for you every week and i'm not ashamed
i curse you before i sleep, clutching my pillow
and before i sleep i smell the garlic and coffee scent. 
i do not love the paradise you love
i hate the palm trees and i hate the sun
i hate hurricane season and i hate sandy beaches. 
i love the snow you complain about
i love burnt tongues from too hot ho
Las VegasThere is no day here
Only the passage of time
Counted in credits.
Bordered carpets guide
And I stay on their rail, but
Life half lived beckons.
Signs illuminate
Where you are going without
showing where you are.
Each bell is so small
But so many just like it
Scream for me to look.
Youth is shaved and shaped
By dreams deferred and spandex
And smiles, inviting.
Attempts to hide smoke
With vanilla only makes
It more obnoxious.
Doors to the outside
Are tucked away so sunlight
Won’t drown the neon.
A concrete bridge leads
From one casino to the
Next. And what I see
is relief.
There are mountains to my left,
grated and painted by time
and a chemistry that proves
art and science cannot be separate.
The desert blue sky compliments those pale tans and peaches
and I wonder why
the helicopters overhead insist on showing off
the pyramid and Lady Liberty replicas instead of the beauty that nowhere else has.
Despite the traffic below,
the air is filled with a crisp
and I drink in ya

things i must do before i die:Learn to Fly.  Travel Europe
with my soulmate.  Sleep on
top of the Eiffel Tower.  Wake
up naked in a Greek truckstop.
Tell a gondolier my life story in
Venice.  Ask his.  Swing dance on
the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  Tell
Moscow "good morning".  Smile.
Learn the waltz.  Perform a
valse in the Himalayas.  The
Swiss Alps.  Nepal.  Pretend
the sky has a second job as
a ballroom.  Befriend a star.
Climb Mt Everest.  Jump off.
Survive.  Throw a snowball
at my past regrets.  Laugh.
Learn German.  Learn Dutch.
Learn every language in the
book.  Become a translator.
Quit.  Become the world's
best lover.  Quit.  Become
a God.  Get fired.  Look up
apotheosis in dictionaries
labelled Keep Out.  Shake
hands with Zeus.  Discuss
religion, drink wine, throw
San Antonioi like the idea that someday i'll wear your dogtag
while you're states away;
lovers in name but barely in practice,
an idea without obligations.
i like the idea that someday you'll be happy,
in San Antonio, surrounded by dogs—
you'll meet someone, not me,
who lights up your eyes, who makes you laugh.
i like the idea that you'll call me, hurting,
conflicted, loving this other woman,
while a world away i turn your dogtag
between patient fingers—and smile—
i like the idea that i'll say i love you,
i'm letting you go.
Reflections on the MetroThe population of the Metro car is sparse at eleven in the morning; people talk. The mother with her baby and young son, talking to her friend or sister or cousin sitting down. The young man and woman speaking exuberant Chinese, a language like a song. The group of students in floral dresses and Converse that my mom says look European because of their scarves. They're rapidly spewing French in the way teenagers do, only I've only ever heard it in English. It's comfortable, each of us with our companions, more like a restaurant or a museum.
But at five thirty, at L'Enfant Plaza, when people are going home from work in their button-downs and suits and briefcases and iPods and tired eyes, it's different. Holding on to the silver bar above my head, I feel like I'm standing over the woman in scrubs holding her iPhone; I'm right by the doors they say not to lean on; it's crowded. And now everyone is silent, as if by proximity others can tell what they're thinking, and it's all they can do no

:bulletblue: for your most :+fav: pieces of art, write me a note or link me to your own creations. 
i might have been missing out on them and i would appreciate that you share them with me.


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