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The Dark and the Light - Avilli Flatsale [CLOSED]



Ive got so many avilli planned this month with varying moth traits, some old and some new!
Moth avilli are my favorite subtype so its hard for me not to make so many haha

Song of Daybreak

A avilli with a strong passion and love for the bright sunshine days and basking in the warms of the suns rays. They tend to their gardens and greenhouses each morning and love to read and host tea parties in their perfectly groomed garden.

Little Gremlin

A perfectly michevious little avilli! They love playing tricks on both friend and foe and has the perfect little cackle to compliment their devious deeds. They love travelling Kyvalore in search of ideas to curate to open their own trick and magic shop.


This is cross posted! The claim of the character goes to the first person who claims it based on timestamp regardless of if it's posted first here or elsewhere in order to keep it fair.

Please comment below to claim!


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