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Painted Relics ARPG Launch !


Hello! I am here to say that I am officially launching my ARPG, Painted Relics! It has been a long time working on it that it feels a little surreal to finally open it up to the public eye!

Painted Relics is a closed species APRG set in the world of Kyvalore and its inhabitants! Currently there are two different species, Avilli, and Voxibells! The game is played by creating either visual or written art to participate and advance in levels, stats, and create a collaborative story with the community. You can earn loads of items both for changing your character, and items to collect!

In Painted Relics, the story of the world will change based on the decisions and actions of the players in events and story quests. Turning in artwork redeems currency and sometimes special items through quests! It can be a little overwhelming at first, but we are here to help guide you through and answer any questions you may have.

With this event you can redeem a free MYO slot on the site to get started!

And you can join us on the discord here!

While it is opening now, it still is in a form of beta! This means that there are still a lot things being tweaked, and adjusted, but it’s no longer in closed beta. (Shoutout and thank you to the team that helped me test things and get it this far!)

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