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USS Newport News

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Here is what is arguably the last warship delivered to the the United States Navy and certainly the last "cruiser". It is the heavy cruiser USS Newport News (CA-148). We have not made a cruiser since. All of the "cruisers" we have now were originall clasified as DDGs, or Guided Missile Destroyers. Even the "nuclear cruisers" that proceeded them were higher on the food chain but still were originally classified as, DLG, or Guided Missile Destroyer Leader Nuclear power, only to be later clasified as a cruiser (CGN). The reason we renamed all of these destroyers, was that even though we were no longer building ships that fell into the classification of "heavy cruiser", "cruiser", or even "light cruiser" (CL), we still needed "cruisers" in the Navy, so a number of ships were reclassified as "cruisers".
This picture is sourced from navsource: [link] and copyrighted by Atlantic Fleet Sales.
This is one of the most impressive shots of this ship, and one of the best views of any warship.
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Great photo  1966-1070
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Thanks, man.  I appreciate it.  Were you on Thunder from '66-'70?
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Yes I was on 66 to 70 remember  thunder duck.
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Wow.  That's pretty cool, sir.  The Heavy Cruisers were some intense ships, and I wish they could have been used a lot longer.  If they had been modernized in the late 1980s via the proposed modernizations, they probably would still be in service.

I'm an active GM1, and I wish I could have an 8" gun to work on, be it either the Mk16 or the Mk71.