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Deviation Actions

This account stays live for commissions, as I know many deviants are fond of my stamps.

As payment method, I only accept PayPal. I no longer accept points, as I have no use for them. You'll pay a symbolic 1 $ -USD- (alternatively 1 € -EUR- if you prefer) for any standard commission.

I accept commissions for stamps, account icons, group avatars, gallery folder icons, and IDs.

If you agree with the above conditions, send me a note with your commission request.

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Carmiko's avatar
do you still accept these? I don't know if you did a stamp that says i love mystical creatures yet but i'd like to get one of those :0
Nixwerld's avatar
Can you please make an "I heart" leaf nosed bats stamp?  They're very underrated creatures, especially Seba's short-tailed bats.  I'll give you the money for your commission.
maple-syrvp's avatar
can you get one saying "I heart" and then your pets name with a picture of it??
WishmasterAlchemist's avatar
Sure thing, you can find some I've done in the past in here: wishmasteralchemist.deviantart…
SteamySoup's avatar
He buddy, can you do a I <3bonnie stamp? (fnaf)
Bonnie Emoticon Icon GIF - Five Nights at Freddy's Free Kawaii Bonnie Cute Chat Icon WOOOOO Bumper Cars! (Bonnie Chat Icon) 
WishmasterAlchemist's avatar
Yes, I can do that, drop me a note for the details.
suchomommy's avatar
if i ever can figure out how, may i commission a monster truck stamp?
WishmasterAlchemist's avatar
Here's my commission info: and you certainly may :)
suchomommy's avatar
alright! ill get a stamp commissioned soo :)
WishmasterAlchemist's avatar
Okay, when you're ready to commission, just drop me a note ;)
Doggsterrr's avatar
Cri I don't have paypal rn. I only have points and a ton of art XD
PaleoShack's avatar
Now.... how would you pay? With PayPal?
PaleoShack's avatar
So... yes, with PayPal.
Venelebat's avatar
Oh.  Well, at least they aren't ridiculously expensive!  If I'm allowed to pay you, I'd love to get a stamp commissioned!
WishmasterAlchemist's avatar
Go ahead and drop me a note ;)
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