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I love Blue Jays


Blue Jay (Cyanocitta cristata)

Suggested by ~TheZephyrSong

Adobe Photoshop CS4


Original Stamp Template by $zilla774
Blue Jay (Cyanocitta cristata) by Marumari on Wikimedia Commons

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I'm using this
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Such a wonder to hear these things yell from a nearby spruce tree! Blue Jay-Bird icon 
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Last year I saw my first blue jay while birding with my dad (we started a thing last year where we just wrote down every species we saw that year and tallied them up at the end. We identified 47 different species last year, by the way, if you were wondering. We started earlier this time tho and wE'RE GOING FOR 50 BABY WOO-). So we were walking around and heard something screech and looked up and all we saw was a blue and white bird zip across the sky. I screamed "BLUE JAY!!" and then we just ran after it. On our quest to find it I was walking around, heard the same screech and looked up, just in time to see it fly over me and land on a tree branch right above me! It stared down at me for a second or two, then took off again. That was pretty awesome. <3
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OHH - Mordecai OHH - Mordecai OHH - Mordecai OHH - Mordecai OHH - Mordecai OHH - Mordecai OHH - Mordecai OHH - Mordecai Mordecai - Regular Show Mordecai - Regular Show Mordecai - Regular Show Mordecai - Regular Show Mordecai - Regular Show :rigbyla: 
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I'm gonna be completely original and hipster and everything so I'll just say that I love blue jays...because of Mordecai :iconohhhhhplz:
But to be fair,jays are generally really beautiful,especially the blue ones <3
But can't deny that I wouldn't even notice it if not Regular Show ;u; Mordecai's just too cool x'D
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Have you done an Oriole?
WishmasterAlchemist's avatar
Not for orioles in general, but I have the Baltimore Oriole here: I love Baltimore Orioles by WishmasterAlchemist
Intellart's avatar
Omg that one is perfect! Thank you!!
Dash-of-L0YALTY's avatar
Next to Cardinals, Blue Jays have to be my favorite bird. xD
BlueJayBessy's avatar
I LOVE BLUE JAYS!!! You obviously can tell XD My OC is a Blue Jay, I myself am a blue jay girl, and the list goes on!! :D
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I love Blue Jays!

...Not because of Mordecai, though. XP Because of how lovely they look! :dummy:
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I love blue jays kicking raccoon's asses at video games
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One day in Middle school during my P.E. class, we were playing softball and a classmate of mine teased me a lot for how I wasn't able to play well. (Even though I played it as a kid, though that doesn't mean I should be good at it anyways) And no one wanted me on their team, I ended up going to the bleachers a bit away from the others and started sobbing and feeling worthless. A few of my friends came over and asked me what was wrong but I wouldn't tell them, but I looked up and a Blue Jay flew by, I stared at it as it landed a bit further away and then started cheering up immediately.
I don't really know why, it just happened.
Also, Blue Jays are beautiful.
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LOL every sigle comment is saying that it's Mordecai!! :D
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