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Waiter Syaoran and Sakura by wishluv Waiter Syaoran and Sakura by wishluv
Card Captor Sakura
Waitress Sakura x Waiter Syaoran

This picture was drawn back in February for the "Syaoran the Waiter Boy AMV" which was sung by Hazuki Goldair and can be found here:

There are two versions of the uniform that Sakura and Syaoran wear as they work at the restaurant, La Seine, the black and white version and the pink and black version for Valentine's Day. I use the pink version in the video, and this the black and white "every day" version. The cake Syaoran is holding is probably really heavy, and he's still showing off and holding it with one hand.

This picture is linked to The New Trials of Card Captor Sakura Chapter 67.5 Valentine's Day Special found here: [link]

You can read my blog at [link]
Check out the New Trials of Card Captor Sakura here: [link]
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AmethystBeloved Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012
I used this picture for the "Food" prompt for NT FanArt 100. It's so fitting because they're waiters, and Syaoran is holding the famous chiffon cake. They look great in this picture! I love the way Sakura is blushing~ too cute. The heals are pretty, but I don't think they're very comfortable to work in, lol.
Martescroll Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2011
they both looks nice
DariusZeth Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2011
They're very similar to ones sakura-hime and syaoran-tsu wear in trc
Laisinco Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2011
This is utterly kawaii! I loved it.

Keep up the good work! :D
Amyelle-Rose Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2011
I really LOVE your New Trials story! You are a super talented person :)
MysticalFyre Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2011
Kawaii!!! I love your artwork! Where did you learn how to draw like that?! On the other hand, I'm so glad, excited, overjoyed, and who knows what else that you've updated! At least now, I'm reassured that you still online and writing! Hope you've had a wonderful break! Keep up the good work!

Wow, each sentence had like an exclamation mark........
inukaglove Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2011
That is so cute. I love it. Keep up the good work.
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July 7, 2011
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