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Syaoran's Birthday Cupcake by wishluv Syaoran's Birthday Cupcake :iconwishluv:wishluv 6 3 Sakura and Syaoran Prepared for Battle by wishluv Sakura and Syaoran Prepared for Battle :iconwishluv:wishluv 15 8 Living Together: Sakura Blow-drying Syaoran's Hair by wishluv Living Together: Sakura Blow-drying Syaoran's Hair :iconwishluv:wishluv 16 11 Beauty and the Wolf: Sakura cheers up Syaoran by wishluv Beauty and the Wolf: Sakura cheers up Syaoran :iconwishluv:wishluv 21 8 Kaitou Magician Origins Leon Reed Character Sketch by wishluv Kaitou Magician Origins Leon Reed Character Sketch :iconwishluv:wishluv 3 6 Syaoran puts his coat on Sakura by wishluv Syaoran puts his coat on Sakura :iconwishluv:wishluv 19 4 Happy Valentine's Day 2017 Sakura and Syaoran by wishluv Happy Valentine's Day 2017 Sakura and Syaoran :iconwishluv:wishluv 30 8 Merry Christmas 2016 Sakura and Syaoran by wishluv Merry Christmas 2016 Sakura and Syaoran :iconwishluv:wishluv 18 4 Viktor Nikiforov: Loss, Loneliness, Love, Life by wishluv Viktor Nikiforov: Loss, Loneliness, Love, Life :iconwishluv:wishluv 15 10 Touya, Yue, Sakura and Kero-chan at Christmastime by wishluv Touya, Yue, Sakura and Kero-chan at Christmastime :iconwishluv:wishluv 18 5 Kaitou Magician's Flower by wishluv Kaitou Magician's Flower :iconwishluv:wishluv 23 4 Deja vu: The Transfer Student from Hong Kong by wishluv Deja vu: The Transfer Student from Hong Kong :iconwishluv:wishluv 27 4 Syaoran's Birthday Omake #4 by wishluv Syaoran's Birthday Omake #4 :iconwishluv:wishluv 18 9 Sakura on her Birthday at Tokyo Tower by wishluv Sakura on her Birthday at Tokyo Tower :iconwishluv:wishluv 44 12 Warrior and the Angel: Queen Nadeshiko's Knight by wishluv Warrior and the Angel: Queen Nadeshiko's Knight :iconwishluv:wishluv 21 7 Card Captor Sakura in Frozen by wishluv Card Captor Sakura in Frozen :iconwishluv:wishluv 40 9


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Syaoran's Birthday Cupcake
Happy Birthday Li Syaoran 2018!!!

This is just a quick doodle of Syaoran eating a cupcake. This might make more sense after reading the New Trials of Card Captor Sakura Chapter 75.5: The Hong Kong Encounter…

I wanted to actually draw a birthday omake, but I guess this sketch should suffice for now. Syaoran's licking his lips, and the cupcake is mint vanilla flavored, baked by Sakura or course. 

Check out my blog at:
New Trials can be found at my website: 
Sakura and Syaoran Prepared for Battle
Happy Birthday Kinomoto Sakura 2018!!! And Happy April Fool's Day and Easter!

I actually had been preparing a fluffy Sakura and Syaoran fanart for Sakura's birthday but I scrapped this and drew this from scratch yesterday and colored really quickly. The concept I had in mind was a fierce Sakura, ready for battle. It doesn't really fit the birthday theme, I suppose, but I'm whimsical like that. On joyous days, I feel like drawing more serious fanart, just to be contradictory. Or maybe because CCS Clear Card is full of so much sweetness. 

I'm not sure why Sakura is wearing her summer Seijou High School uniform, while Syaoran is still in his winter uniform still. I guess he gets cold easily. The Seijou uniform in the CCS series doesn't seem to have a vest like this, but I figured the students need to have vests and sweaters or cardigans for in between seasons. In the group picture of the CCS New Trials crew in high school uniforms, I had Tomoyo in a similar sweater.

I made this mobile wallpaper size, but I also personally think it will make a very good chapter cover for New Trials Arc 4.

Check out my fanfiction New Trials of Card Captor Sakura hereL
Check out my blog where I've been reviewing CardCaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc weekly:
Living Together: Sakura Blow-drying Syaoran's Hair
Belated Happy Valentine's Day 2018 and Happy Lunar New Year!

I drew this picture two years ago for Valentine's Day but didn't finish it. So, I colored it up for Valentine's Day, though I'm slightly late. I think this would take place in Arc 2 of my fanfiction New Trials of Card Captor Sakura, when Sakura is living at Syaoran's apartment--if you couldn't tell that's Syaoran's apartment by the green couch. That's why Sakura and Syaoran may look slightly younger here since they are still in junior high. Sakura is blow-drying Syaoran's hair after he comes out of the shower because she notices he never properly dries his hair. But actually, I think Sakura is just looking for an excuse to touch his hair. Syaoran looks very embarrassed by the situation, while Sakura is actually concentrating very hard drying Syaoran's hair and pampering him.

I changed Sakura's sweater dress from pink to that lilac unicorn color at the very last minute, but I'm still second-guessing my decision--I think it makes the hair dryer pop more. But Sakura looks better in pink, and I also don't like making Sakura and Syaoran too matching. They really did sell a Card Captor Sakura hair dryer, and this is inspired by that and also Sakura's bird staff. The hair dryer is probably made by the Daidouji Toy Company.

I've been blogging reviews of the Card Captor Sakura: Clear Card Arc anime weekly, and please check my blog for latest updates at:

Please read the New Trials of Card Captor Sakura here:
Beauty and the Wolf: Sakura cheers up Syaoran
Syaoran-Wolf: I'm all alone forever, with only this Enchanted Mirror for company. Sniffles.
Sakura-Belle: No you're not! I'm here with you!

Happy 14th Anniversary to the Yahoo Groups New Trials Fan Community!…

I would not have been able to keep track that it was already the 14th anniversary of the Yahoo New Trials group if not for the fantastic Amethyst Beloved!…

It's amazing that the group has lasted all these years, isn't it? Of course our Facebook group is awesome for quick updates and sharing photos and news, but there is no place quite like the Yahoo group for in-depth discussions, and with the airing of Card Captor Sakura Clear Card-hen anime, there has been revived discussion lately, which is exciting to see! All those years ago, Kirei Blossom created the Yahoo Group and look how far the community has come since then! So, thank you, everybody, whether you post or are lurkers, for sticking by so long!

I've been feeling more artistically inspired than I have in at least half a year--I spent the longest time not drawing at all because I wanted to focus on finishing up New Trials Chapter 73. But I had forgotten that for me, writing and drawing have a symbiotic relationship, and one sometimes inspires the other and vice versa. Sometimes, I've sketched the concept art of a scene I wanted to write, before I ever gotten around to writing it. This was one of the cases. I've drawn a concept art of Syaoran as the "Beast-Wolf/Prince Lupin" and Sakura as "Belle/Beauty" first before I got to write out the play scene in Chapter 73 (hopefully I will get around to posting that later). And I also drew this chibi last year because I think it portrays Syaoran and Sakura's relationship very well, even in the canon CCS. I decided to color it because it seemed appropriate to, since it goes along with New Trials Chapter 73: The Other Side of Midnight.

Whenever I draw Chibi-Syaoran with wolf-ears, I want to scoop him up and give him a hug. Considering this is just chibi-art, it took me a bit longer than I anticipated to color it. Now that I think of it, i can't remember if I ever posted any drawings of Syaoran in prince-attire before. Syaoran looked good in this Prince Adam/Beast-inspired blue garb, and I think I might draw more Prince Syaoran again. Sakura looks good in a Belle-inspired dress--I don't think I've ever drawn her in a yellow ballgown before. I was saving it up for the Chapter 73 cultural festival play moment.

Anyhow, I've combined two of my favorite franchises--CCS is my favorite mahou shoujo anime/manga and Beauty and the Beast will always be my favorite Disney animated feature film.

So, are you guys excited about Card Captor Sakura Clear Card Arc anime airing tomorrow? I've taken to write up reviews on my blog every Sunday, and you can check it out here:

“At first, Belle was intimidated by the Wolf, who was hostile, inarticulate, gruff, and completely unsociable, but she decided to make the best of the situation. After all, she thought he may be the one that her fairy godmother told her needed to be saved. Belle spent her days searching through the many rooms in the West Wing of the castle, which were all surprisingly empty. When she was hungry, the dining hall table was laden with hot, savory food. The Wolf would join her for dinner, whether she liked it or not. And when she tired, she found a room that seemed to be prepared for her to sleep in. Eventually, she grew accustomed to living with the Wolf and perhaps even enjoyed his company in the lonely castle, which served both as his prison and sanctuary.”

- Chapter 73 of New Trials of Card Captor Sakura
Kaitou Magician Origins Leon Reed Character Sketch
This is a rough uncompleted character sketch of Leon Reed, father of Kara Reed in my fanfiction New Trials of Card Captor Sakura. Leon is a descendant of Lord Landon Reed of the Great Five, so I supposed distantly related to Clow Reed as well, but he descended from Landon Reed's older brother Laurence Reed and his wife Lady Katherine, while Clow Reed was son of Landon Reed and Li Shulin.

Leon Reed was Mizuki Kai's mentor and the original Kaitou Magician. He is introduced in Kaitou Magician Origins Chapter Six: Leon Reed, newly updated on my New Trials website.…

This is just a character study sketch of Leon, and you guys probably saw a roughly half-colored version of it in my WIP collage posted a couple years back:…

I also included a note in the chapter, but smoking is hazardous for your health, and I do not condone it at all, but included a cigarette because Leon is portrayed as a chain smoker in Kaitou Magician Origins. He was considered bishounen when he was in his teens.

It is also up at…

You can see a rough colored version of this artwork in my big WIP collage from several years ago.…

Please checkout my website at
Please visit my blog at


Wish for a Star~
United States

I like to write and draw. I am known as "Wish-chan" and most of my artwork is relevant to my Card Captor Sakura fanfiction "The New Trials of Card Captor Sakura" which can be read at my website or
at at…


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Nacomia Featured By Owner Edited Apr 4, 2018
So I'm trying to create an OC fitting in the CCS universe. I turned to you for support because I love how you created characters such as Kaitou Magician, who completely fits CLAMP and CCS. Kinda difficult for me to create one, trying to make them fit in the universe but not too OP to not gear them toward the Mary Sue territory. 
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i've been a fan of ccs since i can remember, tho i am not much of a fan-fiction-stories... imagine my hell of a surprise when, less than a month ago i found yours and after curiosity got the best of me, I said: "hmm.. not bad, at least her writing is decent"... then, when i least expected i was crying, bitching,laughing and what not with your story which btw I ALREADY READ IT ALL!!!!!
I.JUST.CAN'T.WAIT for your next update!!!
gosh, i know how hard have you been working through all of this years, so from a non-fanfic person like me, i want to deeply and truthfully congratulate you because your story has bewitched me in an inhuman way. 

so pleease keep on it!! i can't wait for the next chapter.
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Hello Wish-senpai~
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I follow your fiction for many year, maybe since 2007, and I want to say that it's brilliant !
Do you mind if I want to translate them all into my language (Thai)?

Anyway, I like your artwork too. It's remind me to the past when I start to drawing from my favourite manga like CCS and TRC

:D (Big Grin) 
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Here's a fanart that you surely don't want to miss:… First time contributor from a fan who's been following New Trials for ten years
imaterribledrawer Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I absolutely adore your series, it's my favorite fanfiction ever! You kept it pretty much true to the original storyline, added in new characters, created an intricate storyline, realistic personalities, and have a way with words. Although you might want to have someone look over your chapters again because I've caught quite a few typos.
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