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All the Literature Educate!
:new: Updated 04/03/18
Big update! We've not actually had a full Literature "week" for PE in a long time, but we are starting to plan towards doing so this year, firstly a publishing week and then some future ideas. These articles no matter how old are still very useful, so please bookmark this and come back!
Over the past few years, projecteducate has worked hard to provide educational articles for various art forms. Within literature, we've seen our fair share and we've used our own group CRLiterature to manage these articles to ensure as much of the community can see them. However, sometimes we miss people and that's a shame because the articles we've written as a community have been pretty spectacular.
So to help people pick up the articles they may have missed, here is a list of them all! This is a great chance for you to read what you may have missed, or tag your friends who may find them useful! 
The Articles:

Most Recent First
:iconbeccajs:BeccaJS 109 49
Different Approaches by WillTC Different Approaches :iconwilltc:WillTC 192 28
Travels in the Gray Land
Once, wise men said the Earth was flat,
Now they say a sphere
But I the traveler have seen
A world arranged in tiers.
It’s three steps up and three steps down
With nothing in between
Each step a realm unto itself
One black, one gray, one green.
The uppermost, the sunlit land
Is lush with verdant choir
Babbling brooks and rustling reeds
Birdsongs in the briar.
Down below, the Black Land sleeps
Silent and austere
Into this reverent quietude
All must disappear.
The middle tier, a hidden plane,
Of neither sun nor shade;
A misty, lonely everscape
Where those like me have strayed.
The Gray Land has no native souls
All wanderers are we
Durationless, directionless
Upon this rocky sea.
Gnarled trees and shallow caves, the
Total of existence
Scattered mountains, looming tall, but
Always in the distance.
For company, a walking stick
My friend, my aid, my balm -
Upon its neck I feel the warmth    
Reflected from my palm.
We rarely stop, my staff and me,
We trek and traipse along
:iconacaciathorn:Acaciathorn 35 35
Of Blood and Ink
I've met a boy
between the pages of a book
where the last true people live
their lives
marked as
delusions and lies
I've met a boy there
in a land of thoughts and pains
he carried his soul
ghostly and gray
embraced by flesh of ink and blood
a spirit in a cage of black and red
painted by silvered ash
and iron-steel
I've met a boy made of parchment
and stabbing pain behind my eyes
and somehow he is dear to me
like a jewel in my
collection of fantasy
though I know
many call him cruel
evil and rude
no morals, no noble law
never hero
far from it
a vow breaker
dirty killer
tricky cheater
and a heart without a soul
but I also see raw clear honesty
of a human being
bleeding his truth
from thousands open wounds
closed but never healed 
aren't we all more or less
like that boy I've met
between the pages of a book?
:iconyurirenard:YuriRenard 41 12
Mature content
Sweet Sinister Suite :iconthe-infamous-mrgates:The-Infamous-MrGates 14 12
Siamese Cat
Siamese cat from the land of the Thai
Born white as snow with brown indication,
I shall love you until the day you die,
More than a mere pet in subjugation.
In age black and brown overtake whiteness
And sometimes upon the lap you do rise.
Under mistreatment you bite and you hiss,
And in the sunlight, photosynthesize.
I love cold kisses from your button nose
Though you sometimes struggle to flee my hugs.
I further love how you on my bed doze
And make mincemeat out of roaches and bugs.
O frisky feline of ancient Siam,
Sometimes fitful, but gentle as a lamb.
:iconjmg124:jmg124 3 1
Mature content
Unprepared Piano :iconnebuladreams:NebulaDreams 2 3
butterfly effect by robinpika butterfly effect :iconrobinpika:robinpika 114 6 *** by annieparfi *** :iconannieparfi:annieparfi 369 15
Picked Just For Her
Her favorite roses only bloomed in the spring.
When white gave way to green, birds resumed song,
And insects took their place at night once more,
He went to the meadow where they grew.
They had been her favorite flower since
Her mother picked one for her on her fourth birthday.
On their wedding day, he made her a necklace of petals
That she didn't take off until after their honeymoon.
Even when her spirits were low and she struggled to smile,
The sight of him holding a bouquet of roses made her day.
That's why they were her birthday present every year;
He felt a little cheap getting the same thing each time,
But she never protested, so he kept doing what worked.
Every year, on a late March day,
When the air was still cool but not frigid,
He took a bouquet of roses through the grass,
Pass the flock of geese back from the south,
And set his harvest down next to her.
He did his best to maintain his composure,
But he always ended up choking out
A teary "I love y
:iconshining-scribe:Shining-Scribe 77 27
Nsio Explains: Learning Order to Human Drawing by Nsio Nsio Explains: Learning Order to Human Drawing :iconnsio:Nsio 4,559 311 Hand Drawing Tips by Astrikos Hand Drawing Tips :iconastrikos:Astrikos 484 50
The Theory Of Realism
Traditional Art
                Realism is a long-discussed topic, which has yielded in different opinions and views and genres. But by the science of art, a real painting is what depicts the reality around it ― the real physics! 
A lot of beginners have a misconception about how real a painting looks. All paintings are real, theoretically. They exist ― hence, they are real. But that is not the point though.
But, everyone tries to replicate hyper-realism. Why? An impressionist painting does not look real enough? What is the definition of real?
A real thing is that which is convincible by our senses. This convincing part differs for each genre. But each genre tries to convince at their own way. And hence the convincing works in different ways too ― which means, the viewers can get convinced many ways. That is why, you would not find an apple drawn by a child convincingly 'real' but an impressionist apple may convince th
:icongoodnight-melbourne:Goodnight-Melbourne 47 11
How to: Anatomy
Human anatomy is, for sure, one of the hardest things to draw. But at the same time it's one of the most interesting things to draw, because... hey... we love making characters, and it's nice if they at least look a bit like a human being. I'm still far from perfect at drawing the human body, yet I've accumulated some very useful tips, tricks and websites.
Good exercises
Drawing from life

Drawing from life is awesome!
Look for life drawing classes in your environment, or if they're not available; ask your friends to pose for you. Go have a drink in the city when the weather is nice, and sketch people passing by. There's nowhere you learn more about human anatomy than by observing and sketching real people. There's only one downside to this; dynamic poses are tricky, as it's hard for any model to hold a difficult pose for a long time. 
And no... drawing (nearly) naked people in a drawing class isn't awkward. I
:icondamaimikaz:DamaiMikaz 1,897 167
How can I become a better artist?
Whether you are just starting out as an artist or you feel like your progress has stalled, these tips and suggestions from various DA members may help you to continue moving forward. I've paraphrased and edited in some cases to showcase the tips that I found particularly insightful.
For inspiration, check out Mindcandyman on conceptart. Look at the first couple of pages of his sketchbook (2002) and then jump to about page 40 (2004) to see how far someone can progress in about 2 years (and beyond):
Studying realism would be a good first step. Even if you want to work in, say, a comic book style, you need to have a handle on realistic drawing. Knowing realism will help you improve your drawings a lot. Let's say you want to get better at dragons, you could study lizards and snakes for the body structure and birds and bats for wing structure. Dinosaurs as well, but those are a little hard to find nowadays.
:iconfriendlyhand:FriendlyHand 250 25
Rose and Iris
They loved their garden;
Mother and Daughter would spend
Hours in the sun.
Behind their house was
Green dotted with red, yellow,
Pink and countless more.
Mother loved roses;
Daughter preferred irises.
They planted with care.
They watched the sun rise
While blowing dandelions,
And mimicked at dusk.
Their birdbaths brought in
Winged visitors who were
Greeted with bird seed.
All meals were eaten
On a polka-dot blanket;
Nothing but home-cooked.
Catching butterflies,
Looking for funny-shaped clouds,
Climbing the oak tree.
They ran, danced and sang,
Never tiring of their
Love for each other.
Daughter did not think
That her days with Mother would
Ever reach an end.
When the doorbell rang,
And Mother answered the door,
Daughter heard her scream.
"I want to see her,"
Said the angry man outside,
Firearm in hand.
Fits of drunken rage,
Screams, scars, curses and regrets
Ran through Mother's mind.
She slammed the do
:iconshining-scribe:Shining-Scribe 99 97


                 Goodbye by APPELBOOM
                 Valentine by LinaSaks
                 I Want You To Stay by play-my-game
                 ....      ..............  .   .  ...  . .. by Frozen-photo
                 Slough of Despond by NataliaDrepina Ghosts In The Attic by TheFoxAndTheRaven                                   Melbourne by EmilySoto untitled by schnotte
                 Giant Dancer by CrazyGirL44
Untitled by eulalievarenne *** by ankazhuravleva
Per Aspera Ad Astra by RaphaelleM a day without rain by emznocedo

Hydrangea Queen by pholwises last dance with the sun by goddessAthenaieFor the summer I by DianaGrigore Spring by NataliaDrepina        
                   Constrained Dreams by Sturmideenkind


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom

Hi, I'm Izzy! I'm 24 years old and I write stories and poetry. I love to read, eat chocolate and try my hand at photography and drawing.

Mainly I write fantasy and romance, although I do try other genres. I love to read fantasy, romance and horror.

19/12/17 I'm currently editing all of my stories.

My DLR's (Daily Lit Recognition)

Juggling UmbrellasJuggling umbrellas
into the streaked sky;
canopies of tangerine,
orchid white and sapphire.
Twirling handles
with broken frames.
Into the streaked sky,
I'm juggling umbrellas.
Ballerina in the Glass Music Box (FFM Day 2)    They had preserved her in a glass box.
    Her father had been due to entertain clients at the circus. Naturally, when she wished to join them, he relented. It turned out, however, that the gypsies wouldn’t allow her entry into the circus top.
    Left with a chaperone, she talked with the gypsies. Upon their first meeting, she had asked the reason how it could be the longest running circus in history. In reply, they told her the only way to find out was to join them.
    A rich girl joining a gypsy circus. It was laughable. It was an idea.
    It had been her first, and last, act of rebellion.
    The lights dimmed: her audience had arrived.
    She knew what they would be thinking. Stunned by the aerialist who used her own hair as a ribbon, they wouldn’t be impressed with a simple slip of a girl wearing a woman’s costume. This particular circus was tailored f

Life Mate    Nora had been surprised when she found out that the inhabitants of this planet didn't have some sort of marriage ceremony. Åsh had told her that once lovers accepted and claimed each other as a life mate, it was considered to be stronger than human marriage ceremonies. As they couldn't decide what to do, Nora and Åsh decided to compromise and combine the two traditions. Nora got her big family gathering and Åsh got his vows.
    "Nora Wing, citizen of New London, section 6, of planet Earth, I claim you as my life mate."
    Now it was her turn. Nora took a deep breath and hoped she wouldn't make a mistake. If she did mispronounce his name, it would be considered an insult. "Åshlichtein Bjorkona Ýepsilon Psykeria, Lord of area KX-2081 of planet Nexon Zeblir, I claim you as my life mate." She heard Gabe, an old friend and trusted member of her crew, whistle. He had been teasing Nora about claiming he
Dreams of a PirateDream, little pirate.
Dragging the past in silence,
Chasing a lost childhood.
Stranded on your ship,
Without a crew.
From the shore, caught somewhere in time,
Solace seeks a dying man.
Your last words,
Caught in a scream in the wind.

Summer fruitThe summer fruit of her kiss,
blossoms into soft red petals
and deepens the kiss with her thorns.
I prick my tongue and bleed,
showing my devotion to her.
The ripened berries burst,
rouge and orange mingling onto the pallet.
It burns like acid,
fighting for survival.
Those passionate deep lips,
fall and freeze over my skin.
She loses the spring in her step,
and her green fingers hesitates to touch soil.
Back to hibernation,
where her dreams reflect reality.
Time turns back momentarily
and the cycle begins, bringing a new year.

2018 Art Goals
1. Learn how to draw
2. Work harder to become a better writer
3. Finish a literature project




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