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Clouds and Jellyfish (FFM Day 4)
    Harvesting cloud crystals was a perilous job. It involved dodging lightening storms, evading pirates and encountering hostile locals. Crews often spent days, sometimes even weeks, in the sky combing the clouds for crystals.    Kale was swabbing the deck until Wart, who was stationed at the crow's nest, cried, “A swarm is coming our way, starboard side!”    The crew froze. It was unusual to come across jellyfish in the sky, especially in these parts. The captain closed his eyes and listened. He grunted. “Sounds like a bunch of gabbing old lady jellyfish. Bring in our nets! Stop the engine and drop anchor. I’m not
Dance with Death
    Wrapped in malevolent shadows, the church only granted entrance to those with an invitation.    Sitting in the pews, eagerly awaiting his arrival, she played with the hem of her black dress. Cold air met the back of her neck. She shivered, wrapping her arms around her body. She was becoming susceptible to the cold. Only the old or the dying felt frost's embrace, and she refused to be either.    Tashlir would arrive soon. She'd stayed in this little village longer than expected. It was custom to breeze through towns and villages but it had been three weeks since she arrived. It was a fortnight since they argued.    After making his ac
The Umbrella Tree (FFM Day 7)
    Elina had not expected it to rain glitter. She distinctly remembered this early morning’s outcome on the weather slot machine: warm sunshine. It had been the same outcome for the last five weeks. The world didn’t run on the unexpected. Everything was meticulously planned, right down to the last mini-second.    For the world to suddenly change unsettling. There was no room for change or individuality. Decided upon by the people in the Main Building, everything had been allocated a colour. Those working in public service and medicine wore white, industrial workers wore brown, politicians or those who have a placement at the Ma
Summer fruit
The summer fruit of her kiss, blossoms into soft red petals and deepens the kiss with her thorns. I prick my tongue and bleed, showing my devotion to her. The ripened berries burst, rouge and orange mingling onto the pallet. It burns like acid, fighting for survival. Those passionate deep lips, fall and freeze over my skin. She loses the spring in her step, and her green fingers hesitates to touch soil. Back to hibernation, where her dreams reflect reality. Time turns back momentarily and the cycle begins, bringing a new year.
Peacock dresses
Peacock dresses swirl with shades of the night, Contrasting against the sea of smiles. The wheel of the ladder is the hardest thing to grasp With the coolness of another's hands. Golden wheat to cherry pink, Emerald green to rippled blues Swarms of buzzing hues. Wisps of smoke float past me, leaving me in the corner. Alone. By a flick of a paintbrush, a stranger of purple appears. He bows and takes my hand, merging our two colours on the canvas. The Royal begins to take the lead, caressing me and Simply increasing our territory. And as we grow old together, the foundation fills with splatters Like a range of berries bursting and
Dreams of a Pirate
Dream, little pirate. Dragging the past in silence, Chasing a lost childhood. Stranded on your ship, Without a crew. From the shore, caught somewhere in time, Solace seeks a dying man. Your last words, Caught in a scream in the wind.
Juggling Umbrellas
Juggling umbrellas into the streaked sky; canopies of tangerine, orchid white and sapphire. Twirling handles with broken frames. Into the streaked sky, I'm juggling umbrellas.
Citron Sunrise
Dimples accompany her smile, like children opening their first birthday present or wise women reminiscing. Morning fog, sighing over the hills, calling a lost friend. Soft, unrelenting voice, tart like lemon cheesecake, softened by cream ravines and crumbling mountains. Canary wings in flight, yellow haze seducing fireflies, taking us away to beginning and end.
Indigo Dreams
Indigo acrylics, oozing glossy paint like ink blots on manilla envelopes. Sound of Aesop's fables running wild in children's imaginations A pianist, playing notes that fall sweet on the tongue, like pancakes laden with sugar Accompanied with a glass of Frosted snowflakes. Silky memories like a Delicate pashmina A cloudy froth, like dreams riding waves.
Paper Parasols
walking the red arch bridge in a green mandarin gown, cherry blossoms fall in your wake looking above, your sky blue paper parasol tips the breeze carries you to join the Chinese flying lanterns
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Daily Lit Recognition for February 4th, 2015
Daily Lit Recognition for February 4th, 2015 We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Recognition! You can show your support by :+favlove:ing this News Article.   Please comment and :+fav: the features and congratulate the artists! Poetry Featured by: betwixtthepages (https://www.deviantart.com/betwixtthepages) :thumb454910101: Defining by schriftsteller (https://www.deviantart.com/schriftsteller) We have all experienced this-- our flaws and faults exaggerated, emphasized, laid bare to the world in hurtful ways. Sometimes, we even start to believe the lies, ourselves. Featured by: AyeAye12 (https://www.deviantart.com/ayeaye12) :thumb438998541: Juggling Umbrellas by WishingUnderThatStar (https://www.deviantart.com/wishingunderthatstar) What a curious, brilliant central image! Lovely
Contest Directory
Contest Directory
CONTEST: ABC's of the Apocalypse - CLOSED!!!
:spotlight-left: :star: UPDATES :star: :spotlight-right: Submissions for the ABC's of the Apocalypse contest are now officially closed. The contest folder will be locked to any further entries! Judging will begin at 08:00am October 1st EDT (i.e. in the morning) and the winners will be announced on November 1st! Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the fabulous prize pool. If you would like a reminder as to what is up for grabs, then GO HERE. Most importantly, to all of the entrants - You've all done a stellar job in getting your submissions in and we can't wait to hook into them! BEST OF LUCK!!! :salute: ---------- In celebrati
Undiscovered Fortnightly .02
    Hi  welcome to the second edition of undiscovered fortnightly! Every fortnight [two weeks] I will feature 5 amazing artists who deserve some more exposure! ~WishingUnderThatStar (https://www.deviantart.com/wishingunderthatstar) WishingUnderThatStar (https://www.deviantart.com/wishingunderthatstar) :iconwishingunderthatstar: :iconspatarozliev: spatarozliev (https://www.deviantart.com/spatarozliev) :iconspatarozliev: :iconfill12: fill12 (https://www.deviantart.com/fill12) :iconfill12: :iconfion-fon-tier: fion-fon-tier (https://www.deviantart.com/fion-fon-tier) :iconfion-fon-tier: :iconxxmayukoxx: M4CY (https://www.deviantart.com/m4cy) :iconxxmayukoxx: Know of a deviant who you think should be featured? Feel free to send me a note! I love suggestions
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Petrinox|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi... I just wanted to quickly step in here and thank you for sticking up for me on that forum thread. Despite the accusations Ive not had any contact with Rainbows what-so-ever for months and months now but they continue to make out we're at war ^.^'' 

Anyway thank you very much Huggle! 
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Hiya, you're welcome. :aww: Yeah, her post sounded off. When I looked through her activity, I quickly realised she's obsessed with you.
I'm sorry you experienced (and still continue to experience) harassment. That's not OK. Yeah, blocking and ignoring her is the best option. She seems quite narcissistic and emotionally abusive.

That forum post was an attempt to lure you out or an attempt at block evading by using a bystander as a go-between you and her. Maybe if you compiled the report with everything she's said and done on and off dA, they'll take the harassment seriously? Because, wow, her behaviour is not normal.

Lastly, I appreciate you following up and commenting. That's a very nice thing for you to do, especially because it relates to a situation that you would rather forget. I hope things quickly improve for you so you can focus on the future and do the things you want to do.
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Petrinox|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I hope so to. I would have already compiled a report but about half a year ago I foolishly deleted my collection of screenshots under the impression the situation had passed (only for them to return about 4 months later). I'm sorry they've dragged it to other users attention in forums. They often do this to rally people to 'hurt' me ^.^

Thank you again though! 
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Tinselfire| General Artist
Interesting coincidence. Your 2018 goals are the same as my 2019 ones.
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I'm sure you'll have better luck than I did. I was ill with dizziness for most of last year (and still am) so I was unable to do a lot of things. I did a lot of reading instead. I also learnt how to knit which is something I've always wanted to do.
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Tinselfire| General Artist
Ouch >< Here is to hoping this year turns out better.
Good hearing you learned something you enjoy, though. Used to knit when I was younger, but lost the touch. That is more of my mother's domain.
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Happy Birthday.
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