Dofus Livre 1: Julith - Steam Release

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Dofus movie steam by WishingStarInAJar

UPDATE 16-11-2016:

Dofusmoviesteamavailable by WishingStarInAJar

The Dofus movie is finally available on  Steam  for residents of the US. Along with it, the Dofus MMO also became available on Steam.

You can rent or buy the movie for streaming in the Steam app. 

UPDATE 08-11-2016:

Dofussteam-unknowndate by WishingStarInAJar

The Steam release for the Dofus movie has been moved to an unknown date.


Dofussteam by WishingStarInAJar

The ‘Dofus - Book 1: Julith’ movie will become available on Steam the 7th of November, 2016.
There’s only French audio, but English, French and Spanish subtitles will be available.

(Please bear in mind that the movie stream may only be available to the US region.)

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gordhanx's avatar
Sooo, is it still available? I can't tell. It's not available in my country.
WishingStarInAJar's avatar
As mentioned twice in the journal, the movie is only available to US residents.
gordhanx's avatar
Just checking
MissPeridot's avatar
I'm so buying a stream copy! Pity it's just a stream and not a digital download copy, as I'm unsure if my internet broadband will be able to stream the full thing without lagging out every ten minutes or so, but it's worth risking poor bandwith speed for this gem of a film, as far as I am concerned. :nod:
DarleeneTheGenie's avatar
I'm only going to rent it. I might buy it if I want to watch it again.
Shionshetrr's avatar
WishingStarInAJar's avatar
Encouraging Rub there there... (it does hurt.)
Shionshetrr's avatar
Sad Hug Emoticon We will hopefully get it soon ;o; I had been su hyped to be able to see it legally
WishingStarInAJar's avatar
It wasn't exactly a surprise that it was retracted from release; there was no official promotion from Ankama, not yet at least. My guess is a Steam release in December, but I'm hoping it will be sooner.
BlueDubia's avatar
finally a medium I can buy it on >___>
fiddee's avatar
It's a good film ^^b
KatLime's avatar
I had a look on my steam. Looks like it's not available in the UK yet (I hope it gets released here soon).
Avi-the-Avenger's avatar
Yoru-the-Rogue's avatar
*drumming hands rapidly against the table* Come ooooooonnnnn, November 7th!!
Yoru-the-Rogue's avatar
I mentioned this to my husband. He didn't give me much of a response at the time (probably because he was playing a game) but I'm hoping that this means I'll be able to watch it on Steam very soon!
Omni-Sphere's avatar
No English dub yet?! Aww man.. :(
WishingStarInAJar's avatar
Don't wait for it (it's not going to happen).
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