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WWG - Introduction - Page 9-10

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Posting page early because tomorrow is going to be chaos! (Our plane leaves at 6 AM on Monday morning and we have NOTHINGpacked or wrapped! So yeah here you go hope you like yep

Anyway, remember to support me on Patreon! Even 1 dollar helps
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Awww man.. this witch is so cool
kehan-ph's avatar
The way you do her eyes is just asdjksahjdk:heart:
FeuilleDeHoux's avatar
Firefox! ^^ (This was a bad pun, I know)
theLostminer626's avatar
????:and i have the ace of spades.
theLostminer626's avatar
i meant royal flush
flygirlll26262's avatar
So freaking pretty! I absolutely love it so far :)
KalCat's avatar
You just messed with the wrong witch.
Wyvern-1's avatar
Yays. ^_^

Oh, and happy travels. :D
kingtwelvesixteen's avatar
"Also your master is right behind me if you shot me it would hit him as well"
"Oh darn you're right, good thing I took that gun safety course!"


He's totally gonna shoot his own master.  :V
RandomComicSheet's avatar
Tearaway is like: hot-headed, impatient...
wolfpup9404's avatar
Atta girl! You tell 'em!
RandomComicSheet's avatar
I love your grammar! With each page I learn a new word! "Tearaway" I love it
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