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ToT - LdS - Ch1 - FFwF - Page 5-6

ToT - LdS - Ch 1 - FFwF - Page 3-4 by StarLynxWish << previous::next >> ToT - LdS - Ch 1 - FFwF - Page 7-8 by StarLynxWish
Story what are you doing
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rushES IN - I smell a ship
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OMG Story reveals her true feelings!!
M-a-y-a-l's avatar
Xavier is handsome in your style. :heart:
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Xavier's eyes in the first panel, soooo cute!
Sadie-Mayley-Hearts's avatar
In the...
Sixth ?
I think, TOO !
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*Spear of justice intensifies*
TheWarOfTheRing's avatar
Oh dear. This could be awkward for Astra...
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I have to say I really enjoy your art. The shading (the eyes are my favorite) and the line art are so nice.
I hope you don't mind me asking, but do you have a voice in mind for you characters? At this point, I can only imagine the Braixen having a voice similar to that of Puss in Boots. ;; 
WishfulVixen's avatar
aaa thank you!! //

unfortunately I haven't had a chance to get to know the characters well enough to find a voice for em! but when I get used to Story she'll def find a voice!

Xavier isn't my character though so I can't say for him ; o ; //that reminds me I've completely neglected giving credit HHHH
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that was so unexpected omfg
TaiYung's avatar
Haha xD I can relate to her
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In a way to counter what he said, it's because he is a bandit
voyagerwitch's avatar
omg i hope she gets his hat
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Story's making things interesting, of course. ^_^ Truth - no straight guy can resist a kiss from a pretty lady.

Really love her eyes, by the way.
Ravynflight's avatar
What a cutie <3 Loving this so far !
flygirlll26262's avatar
Omg, so cute! I now want both outcomes to happen XD I want to see them kiss, but I want Story to get that hat.
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Story omg what even 
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This is a really great page, I hope Story gets that hat. I also really enjoy the sock pattern she has it's really unique!
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Given that he's being stalked by a witch, the kiss may not have been a good idea... doesn't matter, she can handle him.
voyagerwitch's avatar
what witch is he being stalked by...?
wedward45's avatar
Morgan. She keeps scrying him, yes?
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