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ToT - LdS - Ch 1 - FFwF - Page 7-8

ToT - LdS - Ch1 - FFwF - Page 5-6 by StarLynxWish << previous::next >> ---

Oh yeah, I've forgotten to mention that Xavier is an NPC of :icontalesoftabira:, as should be obvious but here it is anyway
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Oh, so that's why I couldn't find this series for so long. There are only 8 pages Sweating a little... 
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Hey, look it’s a corpse!
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Is there a next page after this?
Sadie-Mayley-Hearts's avatar
Cant wait for more ! I see your working hard, DEFINITELY,
And, This comic is awesome !
As I said, Cant wait for more !
Bye :3
IcyTigerjewel's avatar
Where's the next? D:
stagfire's avatar
Can't wait for more :D
WishfulVixen's avatar
this is dead lol
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Aaand the pouch was burnt...
she's sooo cute ^///^
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The way you draw eyes is so pretty!
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OwO keep up the good work!
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Very good so far.
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this is not going well so far.
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Ouch! That's going to leave a mark
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Seriously, I cannot get over those Sith Lord eyes you gave Xavier.
WishfulVixen's avatar
knock it off, I dont care
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And so it begins. I always love your fire effects Wish. Nice job.
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those moments when you should of chose choice A: swing around and use an ember attack over choice B: taking it in the face.

great work none the less
WishfulVixen's avatar
These "choices" are clearly set up in your own mind because she clearly had no time to react, and realized her mistake in charging when he did. This isn't turn based |D
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