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For :iconpmdunity:

Edit: Added free customization voucher and lock
Edit 2: Changed Flame Charge to Protect at last minute!
Edit 3: Changed app art 

Old app:

You are free to use this team as non-speaking cameo material at any point in time! If you have a bigger role in mind speak to me first.

PMDU - Sorceress's Saga by WishfulVixen

Written App:

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-- 1st Member --
Bullet; YellowBullet; RedBullet; Purple


:bulletred: Name meaning:  Star

:bulletyellow: Name Pronunciation: Á-st-rah

:bulletred: Species: Braixen

:bulletyellow: Gender: Female

:bulletred: Age: 19

:bulletyellow: Nature: Adamant

:bulletred: Trait: A little quick tempered

:bulletyellow: Ability: Blaze: Powers up Fire-type moves when the Pokemon is in trouble.

:bulletred: Biological Family:

:bulletyellow: Status: 
- Solo Team Leader

:bulletred: Bio: Astra was always known to be strange. That might have something to do with the fact that she never really lets on much about herself. She is very untrusting of others and does everything on her own, refusing to ask for help when she may or may not need it. As a practitioner and near expert in witchcraft, Astra is capable of wielding many spells and has a great deal of knowledge in the field. This has not necessarily been a good trait for her sake. Being honest to a fault, Astra has difficulty with "being nice" and often isolates herself due to a cold take on the world. Currently Astra is incapable of walking without the aid of a staff that Ignazio made for her the night she evolved.
Astra does not like company, and will often much rather drive them away than anything, however, due to her upbringing she will answer when spoken to, if she's not entirely cross with you. As such, if she actually doesn't find your presence unbearable, she may allow you to have a complete conversation with her, though this doesn't happen often. She has an odd reaction to being in the position of a guest however, and will often refuse when being invited in most cases. 
Astra hates being in a position where she has to work with others, and will get out of her way to do everything by herself, regardless of anyone's disapproval. 
The Witch's behaviour is very unpredictable, making it difficult to pin point what she will do given the situation. She dislikes bigger pokemon, and has a terrible case of Claustrophobia. When in a dark place, Astra often sees a pair of blue eyes looming about in the shadows. Often times she knows they're not real, but she still becomes nervous and easy to scare. Astra has trouble speaking about what happened to her before she arrived in Andallust and by what means she came through to be there. The only things she seems willing to talk about is what she learned at the magic academy, the attendance of which she seems very proud of.

:bulletpurple: Items: 
Freebie Item:
Braixen Wand/Spade Staff: The usual branch Braixen typically keep in their tail, shaped into spiralled spade staff by Ignazio. Used for walking aid only. It's build is lightweight and elegant, making it easy to lift. 

:bulletpurple: Accessories: 
Red Riding Cloak (worn when convenient)

:bulletpurple: Voice: 
Spoken: Brina Palencia/Shizuka Ito
Singing: --Undecided--

:bulletpurple: Theme Songs:
- Egoselfish - Miku-Tan Cover:…
- Magia [Full German Cover] Orchestra Ver. - PaperBlossom cover:…
- Monster - Imagine Dragons:…
- Earlyrise - Memories:…
- Earlyrise - Narcissistic Cannibal:…
- Hurt Me - Kerli:…
- I Will Not Bow - Breaking Benjamin:…
- Hello - Evanescance:…
- Cry - Kelly Clarkson:…
- Stand in The Rain - Superchick:…
- Arise - Flyleaf:…
- Mirror Mirror - RWBY:…
- No One Mourns the Wicked - Wicked:…

-- 2nd Member --

 Ignazio Kalidas 

:bulletblack: Name meaning:  Flame ; Dark Light

:bulletgreen: Name Pronunciation: Ig-ná-ziou; k(a)-li-das 

:bulletblack: Species: Bisharp

:bulletgreen: Gender: Male

:bulletblack: Age: 25

:bulletgreen: Nature: Quirky

:bulletblack: Trait: Strongly Defiant

:bulletgreen: Ability: Defiant: Boosts the Pokémon's Attack stat when its stats are lowered.

:bulletblack: Biological Family:

:bulletgreen: Status: 
- “Annoying mage bloke who needs to stop following Astra around”

:bulletblack: Bio: Ignazio seems to be a rather cheerful fellow, usually seen smiling or smirking. He can become aggressive if someone irritates him enough, however he is easy to get along with if one can get past his apparent cockiness. He does have a tendency to come off as flirtatious. Romance is - surprisingly - something he takes rather seriously and doesn’t enjoy participating in frivolous events such as Mistletoe and games like Spin the Bottle. He does not like being forced into things.

:bulletblue: Items: None

:bulletblue: Accessories: 
Feathered Scarf (Always worn) 

:bulletblue: Voice: Kurt Sneider 

:bulletblue: Theme Songs:

Atlas Logbook (Chronology)

:email: Wishful Crown Mission & Event Log :email:
♠ Mission 1 - The Witch ♠ 
♠  Errand 1: Untitled ♠
♠ Intermission - Cosmic Clockwork ♠ 
♠  Errand 2 - Egg-splosive Anger ♠
♠  Errand 3 - Potions, Mages and Orbs, Oh My! ♠ 
♠ Intermission - Heaven's Light  ♠
♠  Errand 4 - Telepathic Treble ♠ (Incomplete (unimportant))
♠ June Tasks - Red Alert  ♠
♠ Intermission - Heaven's Light II ♠
♠  Errand 5 - Glass Galore ♠ 
♠ Frosty Festivities Event - Frozen Shadows ♠
♠ Intermission - Persecuted ♠
♠ Intermission -  Haunted

♠ Intermission - Elysian Endearment ♠
♠ Intermission - Flowering Fragility  ♠ 
♠ Dungeon 1 - Achilles' Heel ♠

♠Intermission - Leaky Roof 
♠Intermission - Fashion Passion ♠
♠Intermission - Heaven's Light III 
Mid-Geoda Tasks - Memory Lure 

:heart: Special Items :heart: 

Ornate Chopsticks (in Storage)
Hunters Code 1 (in Storage) 
Evolution Slip (used on Astra)

:damphyr: Overall Accessories :damphyr:
Red Riding Cloak  (With Astra)
Feathered Scarf (With Ignazio)

:music: Overall Items :music:
Ornate Chopsticks (in Storage) 
Hunters Code 1 (in Storage) 
Mixed Berry Ice Cream (used in June Tasks)
Evolution Slip (used on Astra)

:star: Prizes :star:
:bulletyellow: Mission 1
 - Overall: 5 StarCoins (P:2;S:3), 2 Free full customization tickets (Bonus)
:bulletred: Errand 1:

 - Overall: 1 StarCoin
:bulletyellow: Errand 2:
 - Overall: 1 StarCoin
:bulletred: Errand 3:
 - Overall: 1 StarCoin
:bulletyellow: Errand 4
 - Overall: 1 StarCoin
:bulletred: Errand 5
 - Overall: 1 StarCoin
:bulletyellow: June Tasks:
 - Overall: 1 StarCoin (GT1), Evolution Slip (MT), Hunters Code 1 (HT1), Ornate Chopsticks (HT2), Mixed-Berry Ice Cream (HT3)
:bulletred: Errand 7
 - Overall: 1 StarCoin
:bulletyellow: Errand 9
 - Overall: 1 StarCoin
:bulletred: Frosty Festivities
 - Overall: Body Paint (BP)
:bulletyellow: Errand 11
 - Overall: 1 StarCoin
:bulletred: Dungeons
 - Overall: 3 StarCoins

:shamrock: Strikes/Merits :shamrock:
:bulletpurple: June Tasks
  - HT 3 (Strike for Crude behaviour, Merit for protection of Ambassador, all prior strikes ignored)
- Overall: 1 Merit

:snowflake: Miscellaneous :snowflake:
HeartChart Meme (Astra):
Shiny Meme:
Type Swap:
Vices and Virtues:
Substat meme:
Gijinka Meme:
Voice Meme:
Astra's name prenunciation:…
Witch's Orb Reference:
Spectrum Meme:

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Oh, astra you beauty. I've missed your art on my time off DA Star! I'm so glad to see it again, but i feel i have to start over to understand astra's story again. so much has changed, includng a new team member? 0.o wow. i need to catch up.
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This looks really pretty! I was wondering, where did you get the fonts from?
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Ooooh I Love The App Art From The 2 Of Them ^^
PoisonBannana's avatar
looks great you two
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waitwaitwait! when did ig enter the team?
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*Speechless* I Know Its Been A while Since I Looked At This App owo But When Did Ignazio Decide To Join Astra In A Team Owo; 
WishfulVixen's avatar
Why do you think I didn't notify anyone of the change
MidnightRose1918's avatar
Not Sure Why Really I Was Just Curious Of How He Got There XD
theLostminer626's avatar
To theaters (remember when that was a thing?) Also HOW WAS I NOT INFORMED DA!?!?!?
WishfulVixen's avatar
you were not supposed to be
theLostminer626's avatar
I know I'm late but why not? I don't mind it, in fact I'm more than ok with it, so why not?
WishfulVixen's avatar
Lol because I didn't want people to see this yet why the fuck do you think
Does your egoselfishness make you exists?.
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Astra is so beautiful in this image. I love her so much
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i think astra's pretty.
azuraevley's avatar
1 of the intermisson link doesn't work
Inkiiu's avatar
Go to her logbook and you can find all of the missions and stuff in order
azuraevley's avatar
i already knew, i was just telling her/him that a link wasn't working
Inkiiu's avatar
owe okay sorry if I was a little annoying I just saw the comment and felt the need to tell you. ^^'
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its okay it wasn't annoying
Inkiiu's avatar
Alright good ^^
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