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PMDU - WC - MGTasks - Memory Lure - Page 45-46


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PMDU - WC - MGTasks -  Memory Lure - Page 43-44 by StarLynxWish
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and finally I'll be able to actually touch upon the tasks LMAO
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Seeing something frighting will make still awake.
Bratchan's avatar
^.^ fun watching you over stream!
MidnightRose1918's avatar
I Can't Blame Her On That Nightmare... It Even Scared The Hell Out Of Me O_o
Icyangel12's avatar
The addition of this "dream demon" if that's what that thing is, adds a whole new layer of mystery to Astra's past and her interactions between Ig and the rest of Air's crew have been fabulous in this comic! I can't wait to see more when the time comes!
magshi's avatar
Oh god, she's having those vivid nightmares every night? That can't be natural...
AyaChan993's avatar
Poor Astra can't even get a good night's sleep... She probably could use it. Even a dreamless sleep would do, I can imagine. ;w;
WishfulVixen's avatar
a dreamless sleep would do very nicely actually HAHAHA
Ken-the-Eagle's avatar
If she gets nightmares like these all the time, it's no wonder she hasn't slept well.
nactdertoten204's avatar
Oh god I hope she doesn't
XfangheartX's avatar
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