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PMDU - WC - MGTasks - Memory Lure - Page 25-26

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I literally just google translated the Korean, please dont fight me on this
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my god I love that he speaks german XD
M-a-y-a-l's avatar
Crazy foxes hahahah
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oh poor Orianna, she's gonna have a heart attack before the day is done
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I'm curious in Pmdu they have a Pokemon Japan and now from what I've read a Pokemon Germany so is there other Pokemon versions of earth countries I should know?
WishfulVixen's avatar
Thats not my question to answer :| 
nactdertoten204's avatar
Then who would know?
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the admins of PMDU :|
It was relieved a while ago, the ambassador from Iapon.
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girl, this page is so cool! XD
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Shall I give you a grammatical right version of what Kal wanted to say?
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Kal is a kraut hm guess you learn something new everyday
WishfulVixen's avatar
Bitch, if you're going to be a racist, get the fuck out of my page. 

You should know that calling a German 'Kraut' is fucking rude and I do not tolerate that kind of treatment towards anyone ya dunce. 

One more slip up like that and I'll be sure to block you, and report you so that you can't deliver this kind of slimy prejudice on my work. 
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in the usa they eat more kraut per head than in germany just that you know so this prejudice is wrong
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My gosh, the German was a nice touch, I'm German so when I read that I was pleasantly surprised. Didn't know he was German.
sweetymimy22's avatar
hahaha . I didn't know you can a bit german . lucky for me that my frist language is german
WishfulVixen's avatar
I dont exactly tell people about my life on here so im not surprised
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I had no idea Kal was German. xD There are some grammar/vocabulary mistakes, so if you ever need some help with the translation, just call me up.^^ I'd be happy to help and it's my mother tongue, so there shouldn't be a problem. :)
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Ciela used Flying Press!
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Kal ist deutsch? :D Okay das macht ihn gleich 100mal besser *-* There are only some very few grammar mistakes in there and considered how hard german can be you are really good at it^^
WishfulVixen's avatar
weh yeah, but out of me and Air, I'm the only person who can understand and barely read/write it so!! Please use English in the future so both of us can read!! ; o ;/

but thank you! I'm glad. Yeah, I actually had to look up the words to make sure I was at LEAST spelling them correctly. So I'm glad that the worst is a grammar mistake.
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