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Eclipse Apprentice - CH 2 - Page 024

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Why does she bother lying when she does it so poorly?

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Last Panel could be a Meme:

"Macaque is done with your shit"

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Pfft! I love how his face is just like “really?” Let’s see if he goes along with it or calls her out.

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No I think that he does approve lying and even deceiving him when done properly and when he can’t immediately realize it but if he realizes what your up to you did it wrong

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That face. Priceless!

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Yeahhhh, that ain't gonna fly. Work on your acting skills, girl, just sayin. As much as you keep yourself under the radar, you can be read like an open book.

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he totally bought that for sure..

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he doesn't approve lying to him XD

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Aha yeah okay. he didn't buy it

you don,t gonna trick the trickster twice my friend.

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Hi, I just found your comic a couple yesterday and I really love it!

Yeeeeeeeah, Mac ain't buying it.

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Honey this boy is the KING of lying, you should just come clean XD

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